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    This is not true at all, plenty of dedicated players queing 80s and making games pop. I got 3 back to back 70-74 pops yesterday after I woke up and 2 later on. It’s still the beginning of an expansion, ques are notoriously slow always around this time
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    Cataclysm Level 70 Arena - Submit Bug/Ticket

    I can’t see why they would ever let us do this again. I want it back badly of course, but with the amount of players who win traded and boosted accounts to be sold or push players at max level off the ladder over the years is insane. You have plenty of guilds and players to thank for its removal...
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    Well that's not the case, so you can wear greens with 2 stats
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    This is not accurate, and alchemy gives you a fat trinket and a buffed flask, and eng is synapse springs and utility in bombs and movement speed
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    Alchemy, Engineering <--
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    Looking for old lvl 74 enhance reference

    Seems both are about the same activity wise as it stands
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    Top 10 reasons to twink in Cataclysm Classic

    That's a shame, even Cata as a dumpster fire so far is more fun than retail for me
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    Looking for old lvl 74 enhance reference

    Sure, I was there the whole time too, but mop AND cata both had 75-79 twinks and 79 twinks will never lose to 75 twinks in cata or mop, that's all I am saying. BC capped accounts was the bread and butter reason why 70 was so popular and had such a strong code of honor. But the player base now...
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    Epiphany! Now I get why the f2p kids hate the Classic expansions.

    I actually think you hit the nail on the head with this one. A bunch of crotchety old narcissists that gate keep everything else on this site is why it died and why that exposure does not get spread through this community to classic much at all. It’s sad to see a “community” hate themselves and...
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    Looking for old lvl 74 enhance reference

    This is just wrong, show me how a 300 ilvl character with cata greens and blues at 78-79 loses ever against an average 180 ilvl 75-76, in Cata or mop.
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    Looking for old lvl 74 enhance reference

    Not exactly what you are looking for, but a good reference could be my enhance pvp gear transposed and slightly altered to 74 shaman. Just gear shown and weapons would be niff. But with no 85 upgrades this is what I got for maybe a pick up point to prepare now...
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    Consensus on Cataclysm Classic Brackets

    70-74 fuck with me
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    Will 39's be a thing at the end of WotLK/Beginning of Cata?

    Let me consult my friend who can tell the future and I will get back to you in the future.
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    Retail 30s: Armory List Rogue - NA
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    Where are the noobs?

    They are playing this game on free accounts
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    FML....first thing i do after i resub i lvl up my 20....

    Good luck, I leveled my old 70s to 30 for herald and pve. I had to refarm everything since they scaled only a few things and legendarys were scaled rather horribly in conjunction with the lvls from the raids they were associated with. Still sorry to see an og lose a twink. Glad to see you’re...
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    79 Twinks in Cata

    Real chads play 70
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    Who is genuinely excited for Cataclysm classic?

    I'm really excited myself for the possibility of alot of changes to QOL as they have implemented already, and the dungeons being tweaked with unique mechanics. Over all, I think it will be worth playing even for myself with how burnt I am of wow.
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    Who is genuinely excited for Cataclysm classic?

    Cata was plenty classic. Of course it’s rather subjective since everyone’s version of “Classic” is different. But combat feels very similar to wrath, “cookie cutter” specs actually do a good job for class balance. I had mostly 70s and a 24+ 19 in cata and can tell you it felt insanely bursty at...