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  1. Yayo

    10's in WOTLK

    What classes benefit from haste most at 10? Assuming hunter :/
  2. Yayo

    Dragonflight Level 25-29s Armory

    Aren't some T3 sets active? Thought I heard about a 60 rdruid trolling bgs a few xpacs back.
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  4. Yayo

    other twink brackets

    Wod ferocious bite damage was pretty insane
  5. Yayo

    19 Twink insta-BiS Wotlk PServer

    Better than retail and tbc at the moment. Let’s get that mop client working ;)
  6. Yayo

    Enhancement Shaman

    I catch myself switching from forceful winds and ele blast which I actually like a lot.
  7. Yayo

    Enhancement Shaman

    Necro because this thread had good and relevant information. What secondaries are you guys currently stacking? Seems like most are using haste/vers but it really seems like vers is a bit overrated to me and crit seems to be burstier overall. Also running 20% mastery which allows me to dps from...
  8. Yayo

    Twentified patch notes 28th June

    Remove frost shock cd for enhance :ezW:
  9. Yayo

    "Your game of the week" thread.

    haven't touched retail in months but ill play
  10. Yayo

    "Your game of the week" thread.

    5v5 is dope wtf
  11. Yayo

    SMF weapon choice

    Always cudgel for swag but make it purple edit: but in all reality, fuck that.
  12. Yayo

    Twentified 9.2.5 Patch Notes

    Been bis with inferno
  13. Yayo

    Which Spec of Druid

    boomkin is coolest
  14. Yayo

    Sorry, but Blizzard wants me to play a Hunter

    Blizz didn’t make your Hunter for you. Sounds like you were inclined enough to play one /shrug
  15. Yayo

    Visual 1 of 1 Rogue FC Video

    Won’t let me post watermelon emojis :(
  16. Yayo

    [Level 20][Opinion] All Specs Mastery Rundown

    and when is this happening?
  17. Yayo

    [Level 20][Opinion] All Specs Mastery Rundown

    I have to admit that I’m enjoying enhance with a bit more mastery atm. Only running about 26% out of instanced pvp but that number doesn’t drop much. Makes ride the lightning much more effective and your frost shock can hit about as hard as stormstrike. I still primarily run crit/haste but...
  18. Yayo

    Smite Priest

    I have no helpful response but I’m excited to see how this works after being away from retail for quite some time.
  19. Yayo

    Enhancement Shaman

    I haven’t played retail in some time but I preferred haste/crit on enh but some mastery is fun with the slow weps. isnt counter strike better than ride the lightning? I mean it might pad the meters a bit but totem is big
  20. Yayo

    Hellscream's Heirlooms

    Isn’t the 1h caster mace bis?