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  1. Whoppadoo

    Dungeon Tour: Season One

    not sure what is fair when it comes to twinks, but instead of just having 1 bracket for the tournament, would it not be better just have seperate tourneys for 10/11 twinks and 20s?...That way they both get to compete, just not against each other
  2. Whoppadoo

    How to one-shot boses (Vanilla up to WoD)

    I have the ooze trinket on a level 40 twink and it just destroys things, so not sure what level it would not work at :/
  3. Whoppadoo

    This is why I think some ppl hate twinks.

    this has been an ongoing problem for a very long time
  4. Whoppadoo

    loot Goblin event schedule

    you can loot the goblin on the same character all day long if you want, or just leave a different toon in SW and Org and 1 in Val ...and you can get the pet over and over again and sometimes you will only get gold but there are several different items you can get including the mount, pet, some...
  5. Whoppadoo

    better gear for 60's?

    yes ...looted a few leather pieces (Sunless gear), a neck and a one-handed axe on my 70 druid while doing world quests and killing rares ...the pieces dropped off of random mobs not the rares...all of them are BOE
  6. Whoppadoo

    better gear for 60's?

    keep seeing 376 ilvl gear for level 60 in the AH and I have looted several pieces myself...might be something new
  7. Whoppadoo

    Infinitely divisible ooze.. am I going crazy?

    we can get the shadowgrasp totem at 10/11, it just doesn't do anything amazing like it does for higher level twinks :/
  8. Whoppadoo

    10s Armory List

    yah my 10 mage doesn't have any trouble soloing...most 10 anything won't :/
  9. Whoppadoo

    Do you guys often encounter LFG people who get mad at you for running a dungeon "too fast"?

    seen it a bunch of times ....even seen twinks get kicked from groups but that is usually when the twink is the healer and they are running ahead of the group, not healing at all and leaving mobs for the rest of the group to kill
  10. Whoppadoo

    can't trade epics anymore?

    I was in the dungeon when trying to trade but I only have ilvl 33 gear on when I got the epic ilvl 59 pieces and tried to trade to my friend
  11. Whoppadoo

    can't trade epics anymore?

    my friend and I run 10 pallys and would just trade epics when they drop if we didn't need them but now we can't...did it get a nerf?
  12. Whoppadoo

    How to one-shot boses (Vanilla up to WoD)

    just picked up one of these trinkets to try it out, for fun, on my level't stop laughing at the damage
  13. Whoppadoo

    EDIT: Changes reverted!|Big changes to ilvl on PTR all epics nerfed to the ground except wod epics

    that will be interesting to know if my level 10s need to head back to BFA for farming again
  14. Whoppadoo

    The Joy Of Level Ten Dungeon Crushing

    nice vid...I leveled my pally on up to 11 cause I miss throwing my shield :/
  15. Whoppadoo

    Weapons for @10 twinks

    level 10 epics for WOD dungeons are ilvl 59 .. if you go on up to level 11 the ilvl jumps to 62
  16. Whoppadoo

    Level 10 Twink Mage

    thanks for the reply
  17. Whoppadoo

    Level 10 Twink Mage

    how do you get 2 "on use" trinkets to work at the same time?
  18. Whoppadoo

    just curious ...

    how are the 10 twinks getting low level enchants like EF and LS on their newly equipped ilvl 59 weapons?
  19. Whoppadoo

    Level 10 Twink Mage

    nice vid...I think the Accord of Mastery enchant might be better for your rings...nice job :)