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  1. 110 Quick Start Guide [BfA]

    I know this will likely sound like a really REALLY stupid question, but when you're saying SSV1, SSV2, Drustvar1 etc, is that the quest progression for that zone, or something else?? Also, if it is progression, what happens if you veer off course with this, and end up finishing the wrong part...
  2. EU+US [Info] Gear for your twink! (101)

    For those that have managed to get legendaries to drop, what were the sources? I'm currently flying around opening chests, but did they come from other places? Dungeon bosses / world chests etc??
  3. EU+US [Info] Gear for your twink! (101)

    Cheers guys, it just looks SO SEXY on paper!!! Grinding it is!! :)
  4. EU+US [Info] Gear for your twink! (101)

    I've recently started a Blood DK twink, and have a question about the Deathamma. Basically, I picked up an 840 version with a socket AND leech and was wondering if it will be better in the long run to farm AP for my artifact, or use the Mace? Input welcomed :)
  5. EU+US [Info] Gear for your twink! (101)

    Signed up here, after stalking these boards for a while. Made a mistake of setting up my first twink as an Enhancement shammy, learned an expensive lesson there, and I'm currently starting a blood DK but I have some questions: 1. Has anyone actually gotten a class legendary to drop @ 101? 2a...