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  1. Stats for 29 Shadow Priest in Cataclysm

    indeed, old cata gear guides recommended using intellect enchants
  2. Grandfathered Items

    for any cloth class inferno robe and jutebraid are must haves
  3. Cata Pre patch for Hunters?

    -no more ammo -use focus now , mana is gone -do not throw away int gear yet, some get changed into agi gear
  4. best Cataclysm twink?

    hunter is def in the list, i tested some pve with lvl 19 surv hunter in beta and could kill desolace mobs lvl 33+ without breaking a sweat.
  5. Character copy error [Cataclysm Beta] Help pls

    try to locate your wotlk toon in an area that isn't changed in cata, maybe thunder bluff or ironforge, and try to copy again
  6. Grandfather your 19s easier with 19Check

    character copies started today on beta, a lib bit buggy atm
  7. Where are the 39's?

    right now as it is, bracket too bursty and premade dependent
  8. Who is genuinely excited for Cataclysm classic?

    if they allow twin peaks for 19s ill be on board
  9. Satchel of helpful goods from dungeon finder

    leather belt 'of the bandit' is BiS for alliance hunter, for horde i think screecher still BIS
  10. Not Popular Upgrades/Extras For Your Twink

    will def need some help from 80s but always can go for Tabard of the explorer
  11. Screecher belt or Deviate Scale Belt for hunter?

    beat stamina and go for glass cannon defias belt
  12. Lvl 19 Shaman - what's my role

    in this xpac shamans can FC in ghost wolf form , so u could farm some stamina/intelect gear as well and roll some flags when needed
  13. Best Races

    if u plan to use stealth plays, night elf racial will help u big time
  14. Which class on average...?

    getting most killing blows isnt an exact science and isnt class-dependent nowadays imho. I think its a mix of skill, timing , being at the right spot and staying alive enough time to deal damage to most players. Hunters and locks get some extrachance caus of dot's and distance.
  15. Does anyone know this food buff?

    looks like chea*se icon
  16. 19 bracket without Heirlooms

    For example MM hunter with careful aim gets 300+ attack power easy with leather heirlooms. Without heirlooms its hard to reach 300 even with BiS, and gotta sacrifice some slots for cloth gear
  17. Druid FC's are ruining the bracket

    got durid = WIN
  18. Viability of these classes

    for fire mage idk if u can get a ilvl 35+ weapon at lvl 29, so no sunfire OPness
  19. Which bracket is most active in WotLK?

    IMHO in vanilla wotlk 59s were most fun caus u got to fight OP death knights, needed to farm TBC dungeons and rares for socketed gear and stuff. Now in classic wotlk i'm a returning player to 19s and 39s, and i consider TBC was the best xpac on these brackets, but most private servers since 2010...
  20. Can you still get into XP Enabled BGs with XP off?

    if it's an exploit looks like the old xp on-off switch macro right before queueing, blizz patched it in legion but could be back