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  1. QoL Things to buy and get in 1 month?

    Guilds are set up so that if you have one toon in one, they'll stay and your future toons can be invited. I'm not sure if things like guild bank access are allowed, but letting future toons have an in to a guild is a nice vet perk.
  2. QoL Things to buy and get in 1 month?

    One month seems like a very short time to get everything you want unless you grind to an unhealthy degree. Flight maps go for 10K each and the vendor mammoth goes for 16K with maximum rep discounts. Plan accordingly. Mechagon access and allied races are nice. Unlocking world quests and the...
  3. Garrison Followers

    After you've done all the important building, what else will you be using resources for? It's not my top priority, but it's something to do after everything else is set up.
  4. Question

    You can lock your xp at any level. Although for anything other than 20-29 you're likely to see a lot of downtime between queue pops. Also be aware that while 29 twinking has its adherents, most of the people here don't like it and the effect it's had on the bracket.
  5. Is there a way to get to Nazjatar?

    IIRC, you can learn higher level cooking recipes from an NPC in Terrace of the Devoted in Vol'Dun. Friendly with both factions, too.
  6. Getting Hidden Art appearances as F2P

    Feral is based off a hidden quest, which I remember looking up in wowhead to see if the quest ever completed and it never ticked on any of my 20s. Protection warrior and frost mage are similar, although you can earn hidden appearances for other specs fairly easily (arms and arcane), then unlock...
  7. Cata Enchanting restrictions.

    Classic through Panda is level 50, Draenor and Legion are level 60. Cata in particular is easy to check by just running any random toon up to the enchanting trainer in a major city and looking at the recipes they train.
  8. Wandering Isle Stayers

    Heirloom mount doesn't work. From about a minute of testing it looks like toys and pets consider the faction you picked on creation, but you only have a faction for mounts/mog/heirlooms when you leave.
  9. What skips/account unlocks can be unlocked on f2p and what requires a sub?

    While you can get a fair number of account unlocks, I don't see those as being a high priority for a brand new player. The sheer scope of the world is probably the first thing to pull a new player in, with subsystems usually being a close second. (Personally, professions were what really drew...
  10. Get to Kul Tiras as horde f2p?

    Mechagon is available to F2Ps now, so you can unlock the portal there. After a bit of questing in the area you can unlock the FP there, allowing you to head back to anywhere in KT that you've already unlocked.
  11. Is there anything good in the holiday bag?

    Wowhead is showing that the pet and the key only show up in the max level bag so I'm guessing it's not worth dusting off my toons to throw at the horseman, but figured I'd ask here if anyone's seen either of them drop from the holiday bags before writing the whole idea off.
  12. Arena Glitch Chest.

    Not quite. Most of the items can only be taken by one person with the chest despawning only when it's empty, but everybody can loot a copy of the trinket as long as the chest exists. At least for the arenas. I also don't know how unintentional it is, since if you can get people cooperating so...
  13. Island expeditions as Aliance

    If you've unlocked ... I forget exactly what, but something on a high level character, you gain account wide access to Flynn and the vendors going forward. Pure F2Ps can't pull that off and are stuck needing workarounds.
  14. Legion chromie time

    I'm not 100% sure, but I think that the BFA and Legion boosts apply based on being in the relevant expansion zones rather than your chromie time.
  15. Can we use the Flying Carpet mount?

    They're usable if you already learned them. If you want them learnable on F2Ps, submit a suggestion and hope really hard that whoever reads it is arsed to follow through.
  16. curious about restrictions and how to avoid them if possible

    Just having paid doesn't do anything. If you pay for an account and then leave it sitting for a month until the sub expires, any new characters made after you go back to free status will be practically indistinguishable from a pure F2P. The only difference is that if you pay for time later on...
  17. various free time gifts check via bnet

    Apropos of nothing, that has nothing to do with being able to make invokers. It's about the new customization options they added. It's a bit buggy getting those options to properly mark as cleared, but then it shouldn't be hard to just ignore until next patch clears those flags up.
  18. Reputation Guide - what is possible for 20-29s?

    I don't have anyone with a BFA exalted, but for legion paragons it openly says that you can only start earning towards the chest after you reach a certain level benchmark. If you have a paid account with the ability to make nightborne you can see for yourself pretty trivially.
  19. satchel of helpful goods

    You can queue or walk in the front door, whichever strikes your fancy. Walking in the front door means you have to solo it all unless you have someone else to help you, but can be done in any timeline. Queuing requires access to chromie time.
  20. Reaves Module: Wormhole Generator Mode obtainable?

    The recipe is fishable and learnable, and I took less than an hour farming easily accessible barracuda pools around the Suramar ocean. I haven't bothered to resub to get the brimstone to know if it works after you craft it, though.