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  1. “Experience points can no longer be disabled in current expansion content”

    My Man! You playing retail these days or classic? +1 for keeping the old TI sig <3
  2. V-Quality - 19 Twink Server 3.3.5

    So if this is MVQ's org server, can we preorder statbags and inc range on spells ? ThinkingFace
  3. Tauri Twinking?

    Anybody know if its a thing? Tried Tauri a while back and found it to be pretty decent, so was wondering if there were any1 twinking on their MOP servers?
  4. V-Quality - 19 Twink Server 3.3.5

    how many times can items be upgraded with +stam?
  5. chronicles of realek tarantino vol 5. being arrested

    Nurd! he's wearing that mask like a true G Also best content this site has had since goin full SJW mode, and to that only one thing can be said: GO TRUMP
  6. Warmane - (Beta) Instant 19 - Progression realm

    Needs more hunters, I've had games that had other classes in 'em.. dafuq, hunters unite
  7. Making New Guild for P.O.C WoW players :)

    lol, I thought he was making a guild for married men (Prisoners Of Cunts), like a support group thing for whipped gents. Was about to link it to Baldi.. Anyways, GL with the guild :)
  8. Thank you 19s ❤️ <3

    Que times might have something to do with no hordes quing atm. At least from what I've witnessed the few games I've had time to que this month Might try 29/39 and see if games are better there in near future
  9. 19s (EU) Comprehensive Guide and more.

    Aye tldr pis?
  10. [EU] Best of 19 Twinks

    Rogue : blackout Reason: hard to fake cast and dodge gouge vs. Priest: wandgirlx Reason: good awereness, stays out of fear range Hunter: tech has a an ally hunt iirc Reason: so many hunters can't remember 95% of them /tell them apart. So defaults to tech Mage: N/A Reason: havnt seen any big...
  11. Footage of good 19 Locks?

    Where did you read that warlock FC was good? Wtf Or did u just feel the need to state that warlock fcs are bad for no apperent reason? A warlock FC is only good if it otherwise would mean a cap for the opposing side imo. And I think everybody agrees with that?
  12. Footage of good 19 Locks?

    Most locks I see sit around 1.1k hp. Unless escorting fc or fc themselves or French ofc
  13. Footage of good 19 Locks?

    True, but ur gonna see one soon anyway
  14. Footage of good 19 Locks?

    Well I guess like me, he's just trying to kill a couple of hours a week fucking about trying to see if he can get some solo kills. Not everybody is gearing/playing for premade style. Personally I just want to have some fun wtf moments in a few bgs. Thats all I'm aiming for. But I get ur...
  15. [EU] Best of 19 Twinks

    ok since apperently mods have a problem with best of lists, that lists players with true skill imma post my list: Nobody can touch these players (literally), or Team Rocket as I call them; Thai Hipsteria or was it Histeria? Ddos rarely have I seen such consummation of skill and positioning.
  16. Creme de la Creme

    i admire these ppl tho, winning games singlehandedly
  17. Creme de la Creme

    is linking simpson clips all you do on these forums, and the same 2 non stop at that? seems a bit dull, and a case of (in regards to the clips) pot meet kettle?
  18. Creme de la Creme

    So as we all know, the Warsgong playground has players of all calibers, here I will try and list the Creme de la creme of the absolute best at clicking their consumes, such as; Rocket boots, speedpots, resistance pots etc. and by the very nature are dominating the play-field by their sheer...
  19. Why is "best of" lists being locked?

    title. My best of list, got locked, reasoning? I mean whats the difference in being best overall, as per the norm best of list, or being best at a certain play, ex. Poly'ing etc Wherein lies the difference, and hence argumentation for locking informative threads? Double standards much? xD @ohti