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  1. Cøffe

    "Your game of the week" thread.

    My game's of the week . Managing to make a difference as frost mage . ps: i'm almost losing my shit with hunter's in this bracket lolol
  2. Cøffe

    Talents Preview Discussion [w/ Calaculator Link]

    Am I trippin ? Sub is getting shadowdance+shadowblades . The hype is real for all rogues out there .. I hope the three remains untouched.
  3. Cøffe

    "Your game of the week" thread.

    Im having a blast playing mage .. this one was arcane but i'll try to capture some frost games.
  4. Cøffe

    Double Frost Mage videos

    Damn good vid man . Love it . Arcane is tier1 but Frost mages are no joke , I think I'll switch permanently to frost , who knows . Rate my frost ^^ý
  5. Cøffe

    Class matchup charts?

    Hunter's are complicated , even as a healer class it is hard to outheal them . but if u managed to use / / properly as a rogue u can...
  6. Cøffe

    I’m finally ready

    Good shit joleska . Beautiful rogue u have. I managed to finish my rogue aswell , couldn't get the tertiary i wanted but all good , sub ends in 2 days .. see you in bgs
  7. Cøffe

    Bear BG / Dueling video

    Fucking savage dude !! Nice work .
  8. Cøffe

    Rogue pvp pt2

    Hey boyz whazzup .. my new video just got out not fully hd due to a few renderization problems , but all good .. hope you guys enjoy Poltergeist
  9. Cøffe

    "Your game of the week" thread.

    That was a freaking awesome game . Def my game of the week aswell . Juan played the game perfectly , got a very crucial recap mid game . You did awesome job too glance , very hard to deal as a melee class , had no idea how to return the flag last fight tbh , since u can put me to sleep every...
  10. Cøffe

    my videos of plays on you tube

    You are very hard to kill man :(
  11. Cøffe

    20 sub rogue twink burst compilation (pre dagger in the dark nerf)

    Nice very cool vid man , i loved the vers oriented build . Just wondering why u use +4 dmg on off hand ? i dont think it increases ur dmg ...
  12. Cøffe

    Assasin/Outlaw Rogue video XD

    Hey man ty for the compliment. Well i personally chosen assa for main spec because i found more consistent than the others, it can meet some needs that others cannot. If u need sustain damage u can apply bleeds on ur target and damage through it , if u need burst u can combo with death from...
  13. Cøffe

    Assasin/Outlaw Rogue video XD

    Thas was a fun game man GGs xd thx dude <3 Joey my man /cheers that's right dude .. rogues def worth playing this exp np dude maybe more coming
  14. Cøffe

    Assasin/Outlaw Rogue video XD

    Hey guys there is a quick pvp video of me and my friend playing some bgs 4fun .. Hope you guys enjoy ^^ Assassin - Outlaw - ^ poltergeist
  15. Cøffe

    F2P & Vet Armory List [SHADOWLANDS]

    Hey Feel free to add my guild mates .. Out Rogue - . WW Monk -ånji . Mw Monk - . Enhanc Sham -...
  16. Cøffe

    F2P & Vet Armory List [SHADOWLANDS]

    Hey a little update on my rogue .. playing assasin now (sub is meh xd )øffee - i just want to indicate my friends armory here .. Hunter -ßrøken Keep switching between specs but...
  17. Cøffe

    F2P & Vet Armory List [SHADOWLANDS]

    Sub rogue - not finished , Working on 28 legion gear now ..
  18. Cøffe

    EU WTS Blackvenom blade 29 epic

    Can you show us a SS of the dagger ? I would love to see that
  19. Cøffe

    The most complete hunter stable?

    Nice Collection dude. They are all gfd ?
  20. Cøffe

    US @Voc

    Resto hard counter rogues . You can't kill a resto sham (f2p/vet) as a rogue , even if u have frag belt , arcane bombs and 280 agility . wich is really sad actually .