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  1. [Call to Arms] [EU] Epic Battleground this Sunday 24/03 7pm CET!

    Was fun , looking forward to more epic bgs in the future ! On a side note why are there so many people with 0 damage on horde side lul
  2. Epic Battleground 24-03

  3. Epic BG footage

  4. World first 10 v 10 wargame on the 29 on 21-04-2024

    Sign up here :
  5. The Gladiator Deathmatch Event

  6. Official Level 29 Discord Server

    Title pretty self explanatory , discord server for set up wargames , events , and more Currently collecting sign ups for our first event on EU a Gurubashi Arena Deathmatch reminiscent of the old highmaul colliseum from WoD starting on 02-03-2024 at 21:00 ST Join here :
  7. F2P & Vet Armory List [SHADOWLANDS]

    My Level 20 Paladin Twink