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  1. Northfear

    Reputation Guide - what is possible for 20-29s?

    Is it possible to get Bloodsail Buccaneers rep to exalted solo? Booty Bay Bruisers hit pretty hard.
  2. Northfear

    how hard is it to get the TF gear you need?

    Don't believe that rating 720 warforged got 5% chance. More like 2% for me (close to 500 boxes on a single char here) And chance to get something from the large chest is higher because of the chance of additional item roll (which probably includes weapon too)
  3. Northfear

    WARFORGED (Highest Item Level)- Are you at least getting one a day?

    6/9 so far. And that's with >50 crates a day Drop chance is 2-3% for me. So 1 a day seems right. Some days it was more. Other ones nothing at all had dropped
  4. Northfear

    EU+US Tabard to match the plate Invasion set

    I actually like how it looks with a gilneas tabard. A bit of a tone mismatch, but it's easy to get
  5. Northfear

    EU+US Legion Invasion F2P Master Guide

    I think they've include it just a day ago or so. I've started getting it just yesterday. And drop chance is just a few %. Pretty much impossible to complete a full set till the end of the month. Damn you Blizzard! Introducing best twinking gear ever and making it limited time only ><
  6. Northfear

    EU+US Legion Invasion F2P Master Guide

    Ok. So what's the deal with warforged gear..? Got legs on lock today. Almost choked when I saw ilvl 35 on them and quite better stats. Another drop was boots on pally. Ilvl 25 this time and identical stats to the common ones. Is it broken so far..?