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  1. What class and spec do you prefer?

    Guardian druid. - Stealth going anywhere uninterrupted - Speedy outdoor, indoor, in water - Heal and unkillable - Tank queue pop in no time - Dreamwalk + Nature's beacon - AOE + burst .... Con - everything seems too easy
  2. I need someone good with math (because I'm not)

    In term of BIS yes. In term of real world effect, you travel indoor about 200%. If you're < lvl 20, travel form is 200% whereas mount is only 160%/180%.
  3. I need someone good with math (because I'm not)

    If you want only belt/ring, Auch is best talking about hundreds of run and much more relaxing as you can auto run while browsing. You can get SL totem for faster run. Though when you say BIS that means tert speed/leech is must...I am only 2/3 but enough to me...
  4. Someone talk me out of it. (F2P gearing)

    You don't need full bis but at least get the full speed 49% + boot speed enchant + SL gem health boost. Image running at 200% everywhere in swarm of mobs and none can kill you.
  5. Updated 19's gear/spec thread?

    WVD dungeon epics. what is good for 19 vs 20? 20s is way better as it can use SL gems + more content you can checkout my hunter with speed build (228% speed in legion)
  6. A Comprehensive Guide to Level 1 Twinking in Dragonflight

    Have these ilvl 29 no lvl req. Are they worth something still?
  7. Does ooze trinket proc tert at all?

    Wonder if it is possible to get a speed ooze trinket? Have around 10 trinkets on alts but none with tert.
  8. love in air mount?

    I purchased and used on my 20 for both mounts. Though I am vet.
  9. Farmable lvl 48 boot at 20?

    Nice. But I got one from WOD rare also ilvl 47 4/6/4/4. I believe the quest reward is just similar, unless there is socket one available at all.
  10. What did you loot today?=)

    Completed my hunter full WF speed build with last shoulder drop. 90 WF shoulders out of 3k runs for the shoulder to drop. No one WF+socket+speed BIS though.
  11. F2P Traveler's Log Guide

    Thx. I purchased as a vet account. Able to activate and use. BTW, just noticed 2H refund tip so it is safe to try out. Have to say the mounts are dirt cheap. I didn't notice how I got it but my account has 3k Tender and it is an amount shared across BNet account. Clicked on the cache and...
  12. F2P Traveler's Log Guide

    I am not subed now. If buy the mount requiring lvl 45 with my lvl10 toon, will it be learned by my high lvl later after sub?
  13. Looking for help (Level 10 - Mechagon)

    Don't quite follow. You mean to rely on them to kill the rares?
  14. Looking for help (Level 10 - Mechagon)

    A tip for folks to mechagon. Switch to non-present timeline you will find there is no one to compete with you. All the rares are there waiting for you. I didn't realize that until I was done my farming for the rings. But no complaint as it popped 2 socketed rings in my first 4 tries.
  15. Farmable lvl 48 boot at 20?

    Yes. But so many things to pre-plan, it is always late to realize that you missed the boat...
  16. Farmable lvl 48 boot at 20?

    Are you having the pure minor speed enchant? In old days, rarely did we enchant with speed only. I have 2 ilvl 61 boots but enchanted with sta+speed/agi+speed. I found now the speed doesn't work at all.
  17. f2p - difficult professions to max for all xpacs

    Are you able to make and wear this boot as FTP?
  18. Farmable lvl 48 boot at 20?

    Thanks. I got an ilvl 47 boots right in WVD after rare 3 kills. minor upgrade 1 sta + 1 crt from 41. But this is what we twinks do.
  19. Farmable lvl 48 boot at 20?

    Mind telling more specific about the NE quest?
  20. Farmable lvl 48 boot at 20?

    I see someone lvl 20 wear this boot of lvl 48 I wonder whether it scales to 48 or 61 per lvl 20?