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  1. Schalood

    Which old video games do you still play?

    Counter-Strike: Source, specifically UNLOZE zombie escape servers.
  2. Schalood

    Level 20 Items Sheet UPDATED

    nice work
  3. Schalood

    People we miss the most playing with/against

    I miss all from the eu 19 twink wargames in 2017
  4. Schalood

    I’m finally ready

  5. Schalood

    question about farming destiny for 20 twinks

    Sillithus, Twilight Base Camp I believe
  6. Schalood

    The Infarmory
  7. Schalood

    The Official Bragging Thread V.2
  8. Schalood

    EU WTS GF'd/Exotic/Epic/BiS Items (RAVENCREST, EU, ALLY)

    Looking for offers! Prices are up for negotiation
  9. Schalood

    Warcraft III: Reforged

  10. Schalood

    Most Prized Twinks Flex Thread

    i dont play it
  11. Schalood

    BFA 19 Daily Pugs

  12. Schalood

    name change

    ty for testing i was unaware
  13. Schalood

    name change

    it wont
  14. Schalood

    Can mages do any damage?

    Not full fire set, but still be hitting 240-270 fireball crits
  15. Schalood

    Can mages do any damage?

    With my fire set i have about 1.1k hp with no buffs and it can be crucial for some situations
  16. Schalood

    Can mages do any damage?

    Have CC and dmg set - with full fire set u easy hit 240+ fireball crits Go gnome for mortars and escape artist
  17. Schalood

    Top movies?

    issa serie Money Heist "La casa de papel"