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  1. Fire Mage Pvp Movie

  2. The Last of Us.

    Nocontest and Niz Dualtage
  3. best 29 twink made in 1 day

  4. US Most GLASS 29 Boomy WORLD.

    Nice Dru man, heres mine with a my silly glass set on. 306intîz
  5. US Price check

    2M if ya ever change your mind
  6. US The Horde- 8.0.1

  7. Stop rolling alliance ffs.

  8. Free graphics for your Guild(or stream, youtube, etc.)

    Really like your stuff man! Sent ya a dm ;)
  9. New Upload !

    New Upload !
  10. EU+US Fake DubbsBegins Channel

  11. Let's do this?! ♥ AMA ♥

    Favorite Movie of all time?
  12. <Stuck at Graveyard> -Bleeding Hollow (A)

    Exactly 2 Years ago today sagy was born! We have been thriving ever since and will continue to do so. We are always recruiting, so if you're looking for fun games come try us out. Happy B-day Sags !
  13. In que for Brawls on 29!?

    In que for Brawls on 29!?
  14. <Stuck at Graveyard> -Bleeding Hollow (A)

    Not sure tbh hes new in guild, sounds like he will be walking funny for sumtime :P
  15. EU+US 29's Armory List

    The Brazil Legend is not listed here :P
  16. <Stuck at Graveyard> -Bleeding Hollow (A)

    We are still very active and recruiting anyone wanting to play 29s :)
  17. EU+US Rogue Pvp Movie!

    My first 70, had a ton of fun making this video. Awesome bracket! :)
  18. EU+US The Horde- 7.1.5

  19. EU+US Lvl 1 WPvP Video!

    Have a great New Year Twinks!
  20. US RIP <Stuck at Graveyard>

    Haha awesome pic! I must say the games lately have been very fun and competitive, looking forward to many more. Keep queing fellas :)