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  1. Loyla

    Level 29 Hunter Max Attack Power?

    What do you all think of my 29 Hunter? This is it with a mongoose proc and some other enhancements. The other screenshot is of my hunter with agi bracers, and falcon rings(+7 agi). I figured for instances I might as well use the -250AP trinket with 5 min cd...
  2. Loyla

    19s Build Thread

    This is my 19 Shaman. (+3 +3 Eagle Bracers) Recently switched to Mighty Intellect from +30 spell power, and thus far I got to say I kind of regret it. I can't heal enough to save my friends like I used to anyways, so the extra mana is semi hard to use as opposed to raw power.
  3. Loyla

    Looking For Twink Opinion

    This is a bummer. I hope the WSG ques go faster.