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  1. better gear for 60's?

    I feel like the guy asking all the questions here is a troll. But that's just me. Call it customer service experience.
  2. Twink ready?

    you have to get 115-360 spoils to guarantee 9 pieces (or 10ifyou dual wield). This does not include terts. Terts are approx 1 in a 100. So 300 spoils means you'll have 3 pieces with terts. Also, ranged weap seems harder to get.
  3. Twink ready?

    He meant to say he likes everyone in 60 comm but me. What he's also saying is that the 60s on non DF accounts don't need to do anything to get in xp-on bgs. Their xp is already off on an SL account.
  4. Twink ready?

    Now that everyone can get 418s we good then! Party time!
  5. Twink ready?

    dont talk crap about me! I'm the worst twink!
  6. Any idea for the new 70s XPoff?

    First, you need to know what the ilvl will be for 70 twinks. And its gonna be 520-540, from what I'm told. You will get this the last month or during the free break by doing rated pvp or, more likely, mythics.
  7. New to "Twinking" and worried about auto ban

    First, if ur real, PVE is not twinking and it wont get you banned. Second, nobody has yet been banned for being op in pvp, only for automation at 70, and mainly language and cheats. For a year now the 60s have been so op at twink levels and no bans for gear and ilvl, so ur safe.
  8. 379 ilvl Zaralek Caverns greens fixed after 6 months

    well at least that one might still be working. But I don't think the 376s can be obtained anymore in the Citadel.
  9. A Secret Cabal of 60 elites

    This is how funny the cabal is. Some of them participated in the 376 hunt that now appears gfed. So with 379s nerfed, they are now completely alone playing each other. Seems to have backfired.
  10. 379 ilvl Zaralek Caverns greens fixed after 6 months

    yes it was an upgrade. would that have made it untradable in group?
  11. 379 ilvl Zaralek Caverns greens fixed after 6 months

    couldnt trade the 415 staff today from my 70. Said BOP and not tradable. Maybe fixed.
  12. This is why I think some ppl hate twinks.

    These "twinks" were probably running dungeons to get the ilvl 155 exploit that is now patched. The only other reason is just to show off. I have a 60 almost 400 ilvl and I can burn randoms like i'm twenty levels higher. Ive done it to show off, but the better the twink, the less likely there is...
  13. Current State of Twinking

    On another note. I just realized after leveling that the worst twink bracket isnt even mentioned here. Everyone is locked to the bracket, no leveling, no xp requirements - in fact your xp is auto off - and it is called 70s. And to get a leg up in that ... imagine the twink manipulations. Report...
  14. Current State of Twinking

    Probably the most vaulted is 60s. The lower levels are constantly changing because of updates and players. When in 20s, for example, unless f2p, you're going to level. The xp issue for everyone else but f2p is unsurmountable. The 60s is the only true locked bracket. It has the most ilvl...
  15. A Secret Cabal of 60 elites

    It occurred to me that after all this time as a DF 60 (a 379 twink) that the issues in this bracket and probably also (with different people) at 70 is the secret cabal. It is the possible existence of a handful of nerd techies who are so fragile emotionally that their entire mission in life (not...
  16. better gear for 60's?

    yes i'm the guy who farmed the 379s and ruined bgs. It is a 2.5 percent drop rate. But easily you can kill 100 before your first drop (odds). I had 645 kills and got 16 pieces (4 dupes). If you have 275 ilvl plus you can make a big diff in bgs, just learn to play under a DF 60. Come help. The...
  17. How dumb these forums are ...

    Can someone please ban me. All of the people on here are mentally challenged. I didn't get one normal respones to anything I posted. Now, it turns out, I can't delte my profile. I would prefer not to have any info remain on this sophmoric flame hub. PS: you're all morons. Goodby and thanks for...
  18. Ethics in BG backlash?

    At first I thought I was getting good responses. Oops. It is weird to me that an entire global culture misses the value of discussion on a deeper level. Both the discussion and the depth seem off-putting to them. It really is an eye-opener and explains why people don't consider being more...
  19. Life as a 60s DF, Part 2

    Thats a good point. I am not computer literate and was not a participant in beta, like the real successful DF player/xfers were. I just missed out and that's on me. But my point really is, here, what we do at this point and what it means. I'm trying not to make it about me. Im content being in...
  20. Social ethics in MMOs?

    I guess the first thing to say is this: Most of the dumb comments on here miss that there is a question mark after the title. That means something.