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  1. 2024 EU Guild Help

    Hey guys/girls! I’m back on Classic and been doing some 80 content and want a 10/19 to play in the meantime! I don’t have heirlooms so will be just quest/dungeon drop gear! But the main question, where is everyone at? Looking for a friendly twink guild with tips and advice! I don’t want to...
  2. 1 Handed wep for a Frost DK

    Cheers for the reply. Was thinking about Ironfoe and cheers for the advice on the Shadowlands quests might look into them. To be fair had a play earlier and frost damage is a bit meh.. anyway, unholy is more fun running dungeons!
  3. 1 Handed wep for a Frost DK

    Good afternoon all, I’ve decided to do a 20DK gearing it Unholy and tanking sometimes. I’m a F2P account and can’t figure out a way to get some 2x1 hand weps for frost. I know a 2Hander probably will do more damage but I wanted to experiment. In the WOD dungeons the 1 Hand weps won’t drop for...
  4. What did you loot today?=)

    So I was doing some solo Iron Docks yesterday, I had 4 Warforged items in roughly 40 bosses. Today I did my first Iron Docks and had a WF item on every boss and the last boss dropped a WF + Socket belt. Haha I think I’ve used all my luck for the next 10 Runs.
  5. WTB Combatant Claymore @ Outland EU

    WTB one sword, and open to view other 29 items/warrior items! Hmu
  6. EU The 20-29s Directory (Armory, Guilds) Alliance fury warrior
  7. EU+US armory lists

    Great directory!!