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  1. WoW 20's Atlas Dragonflight

    actually if it has not changed in a recent patch, gemslots can only proc on head, neck, wrist, belt and ring gearslot items, if i’m not mistaken
  2. F2P Traveler's Log Guide

    give bunny ears to an arena or bg opponent doesnt work
  3. F2P Traveler's Log Guide

    for noblegarden, the dailies task and the duck storyline works, the collect eggs, the place eggs and the defeat swiftplume does not (i placed one intricately painted one in new dalaran, might need further testing) I still need to check the spring flowers in bg. rest is - ithink - out of reach...
  4. F2P Traveler's Log Guide

    its literally in the very first post here bruh
  5. F2P Traveler's Log Guide

    probably because there are no tasks currently that award credit to f2ps/vets (disclaimer: i have not actually checked, but i think all activities that you could get credit for this month are event-related)
  6. Torturing Poker

    damn, AI is getting better by the day
  7. Getting Hidden Art appearances as F2P

    resto needs exalted with a legion faction (maybe wardens or valarjar?), feral looks doable, but no has ever confirmed it. The only hidden artifact appearances i’ve personally seen is resto sham, arms war and tank dk (and i don’t play clothies, so they might be able to unlock it). edit...
  8. F2P Traveler's Log Guide

    i have completed the event every time today since 9 AM, and only received credit for 1 (ONE) kill. I tried several chromies, used characters on obscure realms to eliminate lag, etc, nothing helps, so I really hope blizz will send that hotfix asap, because I have everything except the pet, so i'm...
  9. F2P Traveler's Log Guide

    i did one in WoD timeline and counted, will try present timeline next. Also, I've not seen it anywhere communicated, but ingame calendar says now that the event ends on the 22nd (next Friday), so we have time to get all 15 kills counted.
  10. F2P Traveler's Log Guide

    same here, i think i'm at 6 kills so far, 0 credit :(
  11. Hi need help with getting trinket "Infinitely Divisible Ooze"

    wow that’s interesting! not necessarily a good rule, but i can see why it is there.
  12. Hi need help with getting trinket "Infinitely Divisible Ooze"

    yeah but both accounts need to have ative subscription, that’s what Hash meant. Plus I think you can only trade a dungeon drop to someone who is eligible for that drop, so you can’t trade the ooze to a warr or a dk (i’m an f2p tho, so my knowledge on trading is subpar at best).
  13. F2P Traveler's Log Guide

    yeah, the new hearthstone xpac is titled Whizbang’s Workshop, so it’s probably a new npc.
  14. Speed Gear

    yeah, just go to echo isles (swim from ratchet), and get on the boat, it will take you to zuldazar
  15. Arcane mage

    i don’t have anything meaningful to contribute, but i like the mog :POGGERS:
  16. F2P Traveler's Log Guide

    you only get them if you are subscribed i think
  17. just finished Underbelly Tycoon and the mount is sent in mail, so disappointed...

    just finished Underbelly Tycoon and the mount is sent in mail, so disappointed...
  18. How do I go about creating a lvl 10 Death Knight?

    I’m not familiar with allied races because i’m f2p, but panda dks get to gates of og/sw after like 10 seconds of questing, so they’re also good if you are about to reroll a million times. I’m not sure you win much by rerolling at 10 though, I think it’s only worth it if you can socket SL gems...
  19. F2P Traveler's Log Guide

    yeah, i got it now, i’m trying to figure out how you got that mount. which timeline were you at, warmode on/off, and are you a pure f2p or a vet?
  20. F2P Traveler's Log Guide

    Strange, for me, neither hatching the egg, nor using the spectral feather gave credit... Edit: Nevermind, I went back to check whether I was in present timeline or not, it still shows 975/1000 points, but i was able to loot the remaining 200 tenders, got the love witch transmog and all that. ^^