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  1. Nilin

    Twentified Patch 10.20 Update Development Notes

    This dh rework is a massive nerf for lvl 20 :( I am really considering to roll another class for the first time since the first day of sl
  2. Nilin

    My Hardcore F2P Account Journey

    Honestly, i don't know... since i'm only playing on EU, i checked if my stuff would be linked to US before i made the US account. I saw multiple sources where they said no, and that's actually true - except for promotion items like twich drops. I didn't know those would be there until i made my...
  3. Nilin

    My Hardcore F2P Account Journey

    Even tho i'm not that active atm, i will give it a try because it really sounds like a lot of fun: Bríhanna
  4. Nilin

    [Alpha] Base Skills and PvP talents at Level 20

    would join a livestream for that... just sayin' :PepeLaughW:
  5. Nilin

    Apexis Rares Spreadsheet

    Last time I farmed it didn't scale to lvl 20. But that was 1 to 2 months ago.
  6. Nilin

    Demon hunter. twink

    Welcome to the club! @Andre you don't have to test it. you'll get Blur & Sigil of Misery no matter which one you choose
  7. Nilin

    20s DH Guide (Shadowlands)

    I think i have waited long enough for someone else to respond because i'm not sure if my style of gearing and playing is the way to go. First things first: I did not test or compare different gear sets (like aurora to harm or full tbc gear) yet. If you do not want to farm BoE's or can't buy...
  8. Nilin

    20s DH Guide (Shadowlands)

    You have to be on an unsubbed account You can't level past 20 if you have no active gametime
  9. Nilin

    Runeblade of Baronrivendare

    Keep your HP below 50%. There is a very nice guide from Dragynslayer for soloing Classic dungeons.
  10. Nilin

    20s DH Guide (Shadowlands)

    Wow Andre, this guide is amazing. I'm pretty sure you already started this guide a long time ago because of how well it describes pretty much all there is to say for a DH and we all know how much passion you have for this class. But sadly it only really taught me that all decisions I make are...
  11. Nilin

    Fun class for achievement push

    Come to Stormscale and we can team up if you're interested. The only thing that is better than one DH are two DHs :KKomrade: