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  1. Farming +2 scope faster

    So from the entrance, I kill one, take parashute, go right, kill one, move to the pillar, get aggro, press Disengage and after that slowfall. That doesnt work for me, I just can't make it to the center. Can someone post a screenshot from the place you stand where you disengage and use...
  2. High populated F2P server in EU?

    Hmmm, thanks for another dilemma ;-) I'll do both I guess. Thanks for you answers!
  3. High populated F2P server in EU?

    Nice, thanks for your reply! Ally or Horde?
  4. High populated F2P server in EU?

    Hi all, Posting this thread, because I can't find the answer by searching. I've been visiting this forum for a couple of months now, really loving it! So far I've only been playing on my "old" server with basically about 1 other F2P... I'd like to create another char, but this time on a...