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  1. Do you guys often encounter LFG people who get mad at you for running a dungeon "too fast"?

    While gearing my 10 Druid atm, noticing lots of people asking how Im doing so much damage and what Im doing. Often there is a person who will respond saying im a twink. This usually causes a series of questions into how and why im doing it which I answer as were running, but a common thing is...
  2. Normal Mode Nexus Drops

    Thanks for the insight! Have a project in mind just needed a little more confirmation first. And yes retail.
  3. Normal Mode Nexus Drops

    Hey, Just wanted to see if it is possible for epics to drop from "The Nexus" Normal mode Wraith dungeon. I have seen some comments on wowhead saying that this is the case but it is wowhead and these comments were made almost 10 years ago. Wanted to see if anyone has seen a epic drop here or any...
  4. If you are still playing ... share your experience or thoughts with the 10-25 DF Prepatch...

    It feels like a clusterf*ck, then again I haven't tried to edit it at all. But I am waiting for them to hopefully re-add a classic UI option for pre prepatch. The way you have edited your UI is nice, and shows the reason why Blizz probably added these features. Customization
  5. If you are still playing ... share your experience or thoughts with the 10-25 DF Prepatch...

    The talent tree for my Boomy is insane, Get access to moonkin from a early level... Amazing. Also gaining access to heals such as swiftmend, and even barkskin is really cool additions for my 20. Lastly also the 3% Vers 2hr buff which helps aswell. Not even stopping there, Feral has some real...
  6. What you would change/remove from WoW

    IF not a option for a old UI appearance, most likely people are already making addons for the classic look. But it is only 2nd day of prepatch so we'll see.
  7. What you would change/remove from WoW

    I'm not sure why there isn't a option to go back to the classic UI they've had for years. Personally I always digged using that over a addon UI or even this clunky new DF UI. Hoping for them to reinstate a classic look.
  8. Smite Priest

    Are disc priest still viable? Or is Holy the new way when it comes to priests atm?
  9. F2P & Vet Armory List [SHADOWLANDS] Vet Balance Druid Wasn't very lucky with Socket drops :(