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  1. 19 Twink Classic

    Two games are popping simultaneously on EU now.
  2. Will we be able to queue for BGs at all? My understanding is that Ashenvale becomes a PvP zone...

    Will we be able to queue for BGs at all? My understanding is that Ashenvale becomes a PvP zone for rep & plays out like AV.
  3. 12-Year Role Name

    How would you get these badges, applied automatically?
  4. 39s "Armory" Thread + Discord Link

    Brilliant thank you :) I'll have to sub a 2nd account since uldaman isnt run on my server anymore lol Revelosh is the only uldaman boss with gear for Shams?
  5. [Ambassador] Rules for quest reputation shared for entire faction?

    In general it's 25% for spillover that's correct (50% for goblin factions). For reputation it is quest by quest basis, I use wowhead to see what sort of rep each quest can provide. Would be great to see a list of the rep you get for doing all the quests though. Chen's empty keg is 75 rep per...
  6. Druid FC's are ruining the bracket

    It has put me off from queuing more than a couple of games at a time honestly. Every match is the same. Alliance premade with druid, they win. Horde is levellers with twinks from various servers. Last BG Alliance had 8 twinks (4 from same guild), a 19 warlock and 18 rogue. Horde had 2 19s lol.
  7. Druid FC's are ruining the bracket

    on EU it's so boring. There are 3 Alliance guilds that premade with Druids, Horde entirely pugs with the exception of a Horde guild from Giantstalker who play with a Warlock FC. Absolutely sucks all the fun out of the bracket.
  8. 39s "Armory" Thread + Discord Link Looking for feedback on my shaman. Bracers need to change for sure, AH on Ashbringer is a joke (infact getting anyone for lowbie content happens once a week). Gonna start work on AGM. Any other advice? I see some people use Glowing eye of...
  9. Which server for Horde on EU?

    Hey Verum thanks for the discord links. I've played with some Horde from Pyrewood (Zowi for example). I'm on Golemagg and its well stocked but there aren't many 19 twinks active here so was looking to reroll. Do you know if transfers are possible to Pyrewood? I'd bring over a toon to farm BFD if...
  10. Which server for Horde on EU?

    What's the server for Horde on EU? Past week it's been 7-10 man Auberdine Alliance twinks (2-3 druids + pally heals), 5 man Lakeshire Alliance twinks (hunters + priests) or 5 man Earthshaker Alliance twinks (2 Druids + pallies). The Horde I see seem to be from pretty much any server. None...
  11. Old 60 twink with "unscaled" head enchantßabyßell my US sub ran out but here's my druid with ZG enchant equipped. Can somebody work out if its active based off armory? I haven't played the Druid for months but I'm sure it was working during BFA.
  12. Old 60 twink with "unscaled" head enchant

    I have one on my 27 Druid, and the tooltip is accurate (at least for Druid).
  13. BIS Boots for 19 Rogue?

    Footpads of the Fang, Feet of the Lynx or Trailblazer Boots? What's your preference and why?
  14. 19 Warsong Etiquette

    I think you can send heirlooms cross server atm.
  15. Season of Mastery free transfer to WOTLK/ERA enabled Don't forget to move your toons, even if you don't actively play SOM anymore Blizz will delete the realms in the future.
  16. 19 Warsong Etiquette

    Speed pots are OK imo depending on the class like if its a pally, warr, sham, mage, lock fair enough. I do laugh my ass off when a druid, hunter or rogue speed pots though
  17. Guess this bracket will stay dead on EU

    First BG pop I see since prepatch lol.
  18. US <Golden Twinkiees> - The Largest & Most Social guild is recruiting 20s for inhouse wargames on retail! & 19’s for Creamades for Cataclysm! We’re back!

    Faced a 5 man from your group a few times over the past few days. Do you guys ever do anything but GY farm with 2 pocket heals? Every time I see your 5 man group you're trying to GY farm. :ResidentSleeper::ResidentSleeper:
  19. Queues alread 9m long and growing :/ my druid. these boots/neck/ring I'm guessing are what you can get at A52?