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  1. took two months, got two lvl-10 DHs out of starter zone

    At the dh starting zone the trash items sell for a lot of gold. I managed to get 50g+ for my chars that way. Haven't got them out yet.
  2. Mechagon is now available

    How far have you completed the BFA questlines. I have only zandalar done and gazlowe does not appear for me.
  3. Mechagon is now available

    Where does the mongoose one drop?
  4. The jackhammer

    I think you are mixing it with the old Manual Crowd Pummeler. I think Jackhammer has never had any charges.
  5. What did you loot today?=)

    Also finally got wf boots so I finally have ilvl 87 after 220 wod dungeon runs. (Not that many tbh but I guess the amount wil go up with socket hunting)
  6. What did you loot today?=)

    Found this on my way to Bloodmaul Slag Mines
  7. Dragonflight F2P Baseline Guide

    Didn't yet see any post about this so as of 10.1.5 we can now obtain so if you don't have the exiles reach reagent bag you can get this one.
  8. Infinitely divisible ooze.. am I going crazy?

    Still pretty good. If you can't get the shadowgrasp totem I would recommend getting it since it is easy speed and the stats aren't that bad either
  9. Infinitely divisible ooze.. am I going crazy?

    I got it as vengeance dh so tank spec shouldn't have anything to do with it. Most likely as you said bad luck since SL bosses have no confirmed drops like WoD.
  10. Enchants for 10s

    Enchants from SL require lvl50, enchants from BFA are usable. Enchants from Legion and WoD are usable into items under ilvl 60. MoP and everything before that is only usable into items under ilvl 50.
  11. AFK leveling

    Hi! So I stumbled upon a video from Archvaldor in which he shows a afk leveling method which only works during noblegarden. I went ahead and tested it myself and while it is extremely slow it is still afk. If you anyone interested in getting free levels here is the video:
  12. Dragonflight F2P Baseline Guide

    Addition to gold sinks: Each Lightless Silk Pouch requires 25 x Penumbra Thread which cost about 10g each. If you want to get 4 for inventory and 7 for bank slots you will be looking at about 2750g.
  13. Reputation Guide - what is possible for 20-29s?

    To my knowledge, you can also gain 250 reputation by completing Maw of Souls dungeon as with Halls of Valor.
  14. Apexis Rares Spreadsheet

    +1 to Ogom the Mangler not spawning. I have looked for him for some time now and haven't encountered him at all. On Wowhead people also complained about the problem so I think it must be bugged.
  15. F2P ilvl 27 rares

    Just received this ilvl 27 bow from a treasure chest in Northrend. Not sure if you can obtain any other ilvl 27 stuff than legion BoE:s as a F2P, so this could be something.
  16. (NA 39s) Gift BoEs with tertiary + socket

    Actually if I am not wrong it is quite simple with Tradeskillmaster 4. There are a lot of guides for it and if you are lazy you can just copy/paste search settings for something else and then change them to suit your needs.
  17. Guide - Which gear can upgrade? (socket/tertiary stats/warforge)

    Received this from a wotlk rare and it upgraded to epic.
  18. All F2P mounts?

    So today I started thinking, which mounts are actually obtainable as a F2P. The main thing that limits F2P:s from most mounts if the level requirement of 27+. I still thought that there must be a ton of mounts that you couldn't get back in the days. I stumbled upon this...
  19. Unable to que to Mechanar?

    I am on a started edition account and using a level 20 char, while on chromie time for tbc, but still my dungeon finder does not show Mechanar. Does someone know how to fix this, or do I just need to solo the dungeon?
  20. Garrison Rewards

    Well now you are talking about the token which does not have a level req but the boots u get from that do