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  1. Unlock Island Expedition

    I have finished the whole "Enemies Within" quest chain from Vigil Hill where I need to blow up some ships, as advised by the linked thread. Still I can't see Flynn. i.e. from the quest "Numbing the pain" to "Proudmoore's Parley"
  2. Unlock Island Expedition

    But how do f2ps, especially lvl10, unlock the quest "Freehold: A Pirate's End" in the first place?
  3. Unlock Island Expedition

    I'm alliance pure f2p. Is this method for 9.1.5 still required for Alliance to unlock island expedition in Dragonflight?
  4. Legion Class Hall for Lvl10 Monk

    Zen Pilgrimage is available at lvl11 for monk. Hence, should I complete the Legion class Hall quest? Without zen pilgrimage are there any way to access the class hall at all for lvl10 monk?
  5. Party Sync Dropped b4 Finishing Shadowlands Intro Quests

    Assuming the least progression is the problem. I tried to test with a second fresh f2ps account. I asked someone to group up and party sync with my 2 f2p accounts, one is the lvl10 f2p that dropped out somewhere in the intro questline (the one i need to gain access to Oribos) and another fresh...
  6. Party Sync Dropped b4 Finishing Shadowlands Intro Quests

    If that's the case why would we need to group up and party sync? This sounds like an ad hoc trick to me to bypass the level restriction. Also when i leave the party sync'ed group. I immediately see the portal popup at the stormwind keep, but it says require lvl48(or 38, i dont remember...
  7. Party Sync Dropped b4 Finishing Shadowlands Intro Quests

    for #1 does it mean i need to group up with a warlock? any other options? And warlock summon needs 3 ppl in the group, right?
  8. Party Sync Dropped b4 Finishing Shadowlands Intro Quests

    I'd expect their answer is very simple: lvl10s are not supposed to be able to access SL zones. period.
  9. Party Sync Dropped b4 Finishing Shadowlands Intro Quests

    I'm a lvl10 f2p, no chromie time. I had someone party sync'ed me and entered the Shadowlands intro quests zone. But b4 finishing the whole quest line the group was disbanded and the party sync dropped. After that i was still inside the intro quests zone but not offered anymore quests. I...
  10. Buying Gems From Master Sergeant Biggins with MOH

    Are there any other ways to get marks of honor apart from BGs? At least, according to wowhead there should be some other ways but i cannot confirm
  11. Buying Gems From Master Sergeant Biggins with MOH

    I have a lot of Mark of Honors from playing previous expansion's BGs. Now I just have a epic drop with a socket (ilvl87). Can i purchase a +3agi/+3arm with MOH? It says require ilvl36. It should work but I don't want to waste a MOH testing it myself if it doesn't work.
  12. Guide for f2p (Surv) Hunter Soloing Dungeons?

    I have a lvl20 hunter without Ooze/Totem. It's a pure f2p, no access to SL zones. Where should I start if I want to gear it up for dungeon soloing?
  13. Soloing 1st boss of Freehold, only drop gold

    I am soloing Freehold as a surv hunter and trying to farm gear from the first boss (Skycap'n Kragg). But i'm getting gold only after a few attempts. Isn't it that when I solo a dungeon, every boss should drop some gear?
  14. Garrison's Lunarfall Excavation for lvl10

    I'm pure f2p playing Alliance. Yes, i have unlocked the garrison and upgraded to level 2 garrison. But the Lunarfall Excavation (Frostwall Mines for Horde?) is still unavailable.
  15. Garrison's Lunarfall Excavation for lvl10

    Is it available to lvl10? The information in wowhead isn't clear enough. For me, the entrance is blocked and there is no quest offered to unlock it. If not, what is the best way to mine Blackrock Ore or True Iron Ore for crafting Gearspring Parts, which is required for goblin glider and other...
  16. Can lvl10 Use Epics from Classic Dungeons?

    you mean this : Dagger doesn't drop for mw monks. Any suggestion for mw monk off hand ?
  17. Can lvl10 Use Epics from Classic Dungeons?

    In wowhead, I can see Dragon's Call has a level 21 requirement. But it also has a scroll bar that scale down to lvl10. So can a lvl 10 mw monk farm it and other Classic Epics that has a higher lvl requirement?
  18. Dragonflight F2P Baseline Guide

    I am able to skip bosses as a lvl10 except the first one. Just walk pass the 2nd boss (Nhallish) along the edge of the room since there is no barrier. For the 3rd boss (Bonemaw) I haven't fully tested it. The way I skipped it was to run pass the 2 trash carrion worms without killing them...
  19. lol chatGPT is wild

    I haven't check the status recently. Are u sure Ricochet is now being used for Overwatch too? The last time i heard, Ricochet is used or Call of Duty while ring3 warden is still used on Overwatch/wow. (BTW, to be more technically accurate, drivers run at Ring 0 - not Ring 2.)
  20. Optional Exile Reach Quests

    perhaps need to abandon all the outstanding Exile Reach quests first before ur ported back to SW