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  1. Nadrieth

    Who is genuinely excited for Cataclysm classic?

    I agree, but just because they won't make much more money by going beyond MoP and no other reason, Legion was a good expansion but the gameplay is pretty much the same available in Dragonflight. At least in Pandaria you had pre-reword Survival Hunter and Combat Rogue, Warlock was completely...
  2. Nadrieth

    Would you play 20s again in Cata/MoP Classic?

    Doubt there will be a starter edition as well considering how "niche" classic is and how blizzard hate 20s :(
  3. Nadrieth

    Would you play 20s again in Cata/MoP Classic?

    Many of the old school F2P players still hold these expansions close to their hearts, with Blizzcon getting closer and the prospect of Cata Classic getting announced i wanted to make this poll to see if anyone's with me on this nostalgia trip.
  4. Nadrieth

    29 MM is going to be a problem

    With the current Dragonflight Talent trees MMs are able to get double tap and careful aim, meaning that every 1 minute they will most likely one shot you. Edit: Tree updated to this week's version