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  1. You’re not a twink so please stop calling yourselves that.

    Someone got his panties stuck somewhere dark
  2. Interest in lower ilvl wargames?

    I’ll definitely come back if we have any kind of wargames going on. Anything is better than playing against 29s.
  3. Dragonflight F2P & Veteran Armory Druid - switch from Resto/Feral sets
  4. What did you loot today?=)

    Nothing special but cool to get so many ilvl upgrades in just afew non WoD dungeon runs
  5. What did you loot today?=)

    Both of these within 30 minutes.
  6. 29 BiS List?

    Just run WoD dungeons and collect WF gear. It’s BIS for most brackets.
  7. Ooze

    Ooze? It does work.

    You need a pet. Being a hunter or lock would be best or you need a item that summons a pet. Like Ooze or the engineering dragon trinket.
  9. How active?

    Nice balance games every now and then. A lot of unbalanced games though with one sided premades and 7 29 hunters on a team.
  10. Skirmish Activity

    the lack of skill in this post.
  11. Dragonflight F2P & Veteran Armory

    That was literally my first dungeon run back on WoW.
  12. Dragonflight F2P & Veteran Armory veteran Holy Paladin. Just returned and gearing up again with the release of Dragonflight updates. The gear setup isnt perfect yet but decent.
  13. Gear advice for healer Just focusing on dungeon gear. Any advice for possible ring/neck pieces based on stats? Or any other recommendations. Farming Seal of the Regal Loa (socket) atm.
  14. Which side needs more? Or are they close?

    I just started recently and horde have been getting GY camped every single game. I’ve been playing at different times and it’s always the same result. However; I don’t know about the alliance but I’ve notice a lot more poorly geared horde with under 2500k or 2000k health that obviously just get...
  15. New to this

    Just returned to my account (Have no paid time) and turned on my xp to join battlegrounds. However; it says that “free trial accounts can’t perform that action” when trying to join. Am I missing something? Is this just the issue of turning my xp on WHILE having paid time?
  16. 60s and 69s in Wrath

    I decided to quit TBC Classic/WoW last November and just found out that xp off/on is back for Wrath. Is it too early to tell if the 60-69 bracket is good and worth coming back to the game?
  17. Boom! lvl 20 marksman hunter twink pvp

    Wow. So. Much. Skill.
  18. How much gold are you at?

    So far almost 20k. Boosting helps.
  19. Is 69s a Thing?

    Haven’t had much luck. I’ll be in the goggle-less club unfortunately.
  20. Is 69s a Thing?

    Couple games are still going on as of September. But doesn’t take long to get into one, maybe 5-8 minutes. Seems to be a decent amount of twinks from the hardcore, casual twinks, and just levellers. Im on Rattlegore and seem to be the only 69 twink as far as I’ve seen. Actually enjoying my time...