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  1. Best EU Horde realm

    I’m not trying to steal the thread but didn’t feel as if making a new post with this one here was a good choice as well, so I’m asking here: same deal, looking to come back into classic wow after many years hiatus and wanted to know (for US side) which 19 guilds were most active? Thank you.
  2. US Wargames Monday Night 9-11 EST

    Rams does 500 dmg now. It's not a game changer. Although that's a fine rule, having a trinket that procs 50+ attack power is just as effective.
  3. EU+US Player from XP OFF asked for the separation

    Not everyone in the community made twinks just to compete in 1-3 wargames on a good, organized night. Games as common as they were? Speaking in the 50-59 bracket, unless we are organizing a wargame, you won't get a bg queue to pop. I've sat in them for up to 4 hours with nothing through peak...
  4. Official Epic Upgrade Bragging Thread (Warning: Jealousy/Salt)

    Just doing some casual questing on my 59 to experience the upgrades before I try on my 19s. Here's a couple epics I upgraded. Nothing crazy, or BiS (necessarily), but still upgrades.
  5. US 119 Resto Kitty (Feral Affinity): Make Druids Great Again

    8.1.5 patch notes indicated innervate stops providing resource enhancements to resources that aren’t mana btw. So that big buff of energy will be gone, but yes, rdruid is still op nevertheless.
  6. US 19 tink Real Life Picture Thread!

    Uniform was a bit rough, and it's looking as if I needed a haircut, but this was a few months ago.
  7. EU+US I’m the best shaman 19 twink shaman, prove me wrong

    For real, what makes people want to talk shit so often at this bracket? You literally joined to make a forums post showing how ignorant at not only twinking(thinking any healing spec takes a lick of talent this xpac), but who you're boasting to at the same time. Most of the people you're shit...
  8. consumables

    they are all outrageous price flasks and foods, because they're the best there is and become available at our bracket and stay the best for a long while afterwards. There are distilled wisdom flasks, 52 int. buff Supreme power flasks, 56 Spellpower buff Flask of the titans, 356 I believe HP...
  9. Laptop comparisons

    Thankful for the recent posts! I enjoy hearing your builds and preferences, it has got me looking at many different laptops, and environments. I was also thinking if I was just to settle on a more class oriented laptop, like the XPS for example, an eGPU could always be an option. I've noticed...
  10. Laptop comparisons

    Thank you for the feedback. I don’t think people are quite getting the point I’m trying to focus on though. I’m not looking for a laptop for only gaming. I lightly game, and mediocre graphics work fine with me, I just want the option to turn it up to be there. I am in courses for computer...
  11. Laptop comparisons

    I can understand that phrase when purchasing a car, but a laptop, I'm not sure if the rules apply for my situation. By the time it would get to me (in Korea) it would void most return policies online purchasing. Nevertheless, I appreciate your input on the Macbook Pro. The 2018 15" Macbook Pro...
  12. Laptop comparisons

    haha, thanks for the advice. I do my research before purchasing. I know all of which I have mentioned are well accredited, I'm just wondering other people's thoughts and suggestions behind what they prefer.
  13. Laptop comparisons

    I do complete agree with you, Merlin. WoW can be ran A-OK on a U i7, or anything else under the newer line H series i7's, but this is more for best bang of your buck comparisons and longetivity. Like mentioned I've had the same laptop for 4-5 years, and expect the same for my next laptop- with...
  14. Laptop comparisons

    I've been in the US military for two years now, and find myself moving frequently. Right now, for example, I'm stationed in Korea and go on missions for weeks at a time quite often. I take my laptop, a dell inspiron 7000 series, which most would consider to be a dinosaur in modern age. I bought...
  15. EU+US 59's Armory and Community Lists

    I change gear often, but should only be minimal and or benefitial:ßlock
  16. Let's see if people enjoy the website in its current state

    The funniest part is, for those who don't get personal with others or dwell into others business, and use the website as a typical hangout-friendly/talk about twink stuff forums don't even realize the website is owned by another individual. The only thing giving that fact away is the pointless...
  17. EU+US 101 Enh Shaman

    I was wondering if 101 Enh Shaman would still be a viable choice of twink to start progressing in this day in era of patch 7.2.5, or if 101 was going irrelevant as patches progress. I haven't played in a couple months, and haven't been on since 7.2.5 launched. Any input would be appreciated.
  18. EU+US Me vs Swifty's 101 Twink LUL

    He only has 9 fingers to work with, maybe that last one is what we would typically have as disengage or freezing trap. :(
  19. US Lf Legion Invasion geared 19-20

    I hadn't found one for over a month since desired, and currently still have yet to find one I would personally like. The warlock mention above is nice, but not the class I'm looking for. And as to answer your question, @Bestworld I would definitely be prepared to spend a pretty penny over a...
  20. US 99 Inc

    Finally, as I say after like four days of casual leveling, I'm at 90 on my druid. I will probably be leveling him through BGs, with some casual questing on the side since I'm in the bracket I was looking to make it to, and...