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  1. Enzi

    Dragonflight F2P Baseline Guide

    congratulation daddy DoByG
  2. Enzi

    Is it possible to?

    ty all for your help. i´m now in Kul´Tiras and the Achievement-hunting is full in swing :slight_smile:
  3. Enzi

    Dragonflight F2P & Veteran Armory

    ok ty for the tip
  4. Enzi

    Dragonflight F2P & Veteran Armory

    not so much runs
  5. Enzi

    Dragonflight F2P & Veteran Armory Pure f2p 99,99% solo, 1 account, 1 char most time in my speed gear
  6. Enzi

    Is it possible to?

    thank you very much.
  7. Enzi

    Is it possible to?

    Today i can´t take the Boat to Kul´tiras :( I enter the Ancor and get instant killed, and the Corps is not on the Ship. Run the long,long way as Ghost resurrect on the ship, and ? instand kill corps is not on the ship. 2,try. As Ghost on the ship to Kul´tiras, run to the next Ghosthealer and he...
  8. Enzi

    [TCG] Blazing Hippogryph | Twitch Drops

    15:00,19:00,21:00,.... OG 16:00,18:00,22:00,....SW Paris time
  9. Enzi

    [TCG] Blazing Hippogryph | Twitch Drops

    100% loot for f2p I got on 1 kill in OG 15:00
  10. Enzi


    in my opinion is BM the best spec for hard hitting mobs (timeless Isle, emporer Shaohao rep farming) and stats prio is haste/crit/vers >>>> mastery. otherwise is SV>MM>BM with your stat prio
  11. Enzi

    My Hardcore F2P Account Journey i think as a HC-gamer this item can save your day;)
  12. Enzi

    Bis hunter

    i only counts facts
  13. Enzi

    Bis hunter

    Tauren Hunter > Blood Elf Hunter Pipsl > Dragonstormy HeyGuys
  14. Enzi


    usually yes, but for very, very hard hitting mobs is BM the king and for everything else, SV > MM in my opinion
  15. Enzi


    maybe take a look on my sign surv can be exchanged for misdirection
  16. Enzi


    i think easy to tame and for new hunter very user-friendly
  17. Enzi

    A Big Thank You To This Community! (And Probably Farewell)

    take care of your health vynenem.
  18. Enzi

    Bis hunter

    You can find all Infos here
  19. Enzi

    Which old video games do you still play?

    D2-LoD but only HC naked Chars Assa, Boner, Summoner and Tornado-Stormer finished next class after my WoW-f2p project is a Poison-Java with starter equip (not 100% naked)
  20. Enzi

    Hardcore Poll, please vote

    NE-Hunter with only white Gear and nothing else. 3.000 Quests Achievement is the goal. ( Cele the Seeker )