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  1. Vet account turned free trial

    lmao no i meant like delete this thread not char it's my only one since level squish but i don't see how,i often use site and and see people asking things that have been asked and are flamed for it but i really couldn't find anywhere , anyway thanks a lot bois !
  2. Vet account turned free trial

    hahahaha ye i was retard too , thanks a lot mate! Its huntard
  3. Vet account turned free trial

    shieeet really man i never saw anything about that , i did turn on xp but after gametime expired, Thanks for help! Should i delete ?
  4. Vet account turned free trial

    Hello , I recently asked Gm for 1 day of free gametime to try update twink (told gm it to buy token), it was granted but now it expired and i can't q BG (Free trial acc can't perform this action). I don't get it why i lost vet status. Is it really possible they saw i tricked them and want to f...
  5. F2P old twink need little help

    delete, Thanks