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    12-Year Role Name

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    Leather WF'd shoulders

    I havent looked it up because I just got home, but yes that could be spec related on the drop. Some items only drop for certain specs. I use AtlasLoot to research that so I can make sure my loot spec is set for what I need.
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    This is why I think some ppl hate twinks.

    IF they are a class that can, and are geared enough, to solo. Personally I dont mind running with levelers. Helping people get XP and level quicker. Im thorough on my runs though and dont leave people to get crapped on in my wake.
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    This is why I think some ppl hate twinks.

    Definitely some trash players running around in pubs. I had a run with 2 last night. Trash speed runners that aggro everything and leave it behind them, but then cant do enough damage to kill the boss in any kind of timely manner. The only reason the bosses werent crapping on them is because 1...
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    Farming for WF epics, there must be diminishing return

    I made a DK last week. Ive done 104 dungeon runs and have had 22 WF drops during those runs. Running at about a 20% drop rate. I feel across all my toons that seems about right for the average on them. I will say though, this is on a level 10 and only running the 2 dungeons available.
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    What's going on with dungeon queues?

    School is back in session.
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    What? No 10s sub?

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    10s Armory List

    There are a lot of outdated characters on the list that should be removed.
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    Suspended or banned?!

    Both of my accounts were perma banned years ago. Their automated system saw me moving large amounts of stuff from 1 storage bank to a storage bank on my 2nd account and perma banned me. Was during Christmas and I was home on vacation. Took 5 days to get a GM to look at it and realize it was a...
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    Do you guys often encounter LFG people who get mad at you for running a dungeon "too fast"?

    Queued in on my hunter yesterday. Lvl 40 something tank was moving slow so I started smoking everything. Tank got mad and tried to kick me without even saying a word. Someone else called them out for it and the vote didnt go through. I apologized to the tank for offending them and not letting...
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    Headhunter Jo's Machete

    Well poop, lol. Did get a few ilvl 33 1h weapons and a shield while questing so it wasnt a total waste.
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    Headhunter Jo's Machete

    So you were able to get there through questing?
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    Headhunter Jo's Machete

    How did you get to Zuldazar? Summons? Ive run every quest in Kul Tiras on Alliance side that it will give me, and I get no option to go to Zuldazar. I have the ! on the scouting map, but no quest on it when I look at it.
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    10s Armory List

    OOOOOkay, that makes a lot more sense to me. I had a run with you the other night and was like WTF, lol.
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    10s Armory List

    Ive updated all my links in my signature if you want to use any of them. Let me know if any are broke, its a pain in the ass updating all that lol.
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    10s Armory List

    Took a couple years away due to total burnout on the game. Back and tinkering with the Twinks again.
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    10s Armory List

    Hows everyone doing up in here?
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    US The reality starts to set in....

    I log in just to see whats going on and see this. Well shit.
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    US Sponsor's Legacy - The Level 10 Twink

    10s were a blast. Hopefully they will return to being useful some time. Havent played in almost a year. Just burned out. Would come back for a legit 10s return.
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    EU+US Looking for New Computer--- Need Help

    I agree with getting a desktop. I disagree with getting anything HP. They tend to be a pain in the ass to upgrade. Very proprietary to their own crap. My brother had a HP desktop and a HP laptop and both were buggy shitboxes. Also, HP just announced they were laying off 5000 people and...