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  1. What's everyones twinks looking like?

    Ignore the tmog, its placeholder while i get last few items. This is mine atm, just need to farm relics for Arms weapon so I can swap between Also have another 4 weapons in bags for Crusader Swapping
  2. Shadowlands Pre-Patch Check List

    Just got this on my 20 warrior, not one of the 44s but pretty nice that it epic upgraded
  3. Crusader Swapping

    Currently setting up my warrior and was thinking of having sets of weapons, just had a question about Elemental Force with Crusader, would it be worth putting Elemental Force on Artifact then having 2 other weapons with crusader or is it just stronger to have crusader and weapon swap to more...
  4. solo'ing freehold so have 2 more spots

    solo'ing freehold so have 2 more spots
  5. if anyone needs HoA on EU Horde add Unwhorable#2893 on bnet, farming for 2 characters atm

    if anyone needs HoA on EU Horde add Unwhorable#2893 on bnet, farming for 2 characters atm
  6. 20s gear now

    Yeah I was looking at going hpala but idk i feel like they won't be as strong at 20 compared to max
  7. 20s gear now

    I'm not too worried about farming the gear etc because have 3 accounts i can just put 20s on to increase drop chance, was probably gonna play Druid (balance/resto) and warrior so prob just crit versa greens would be way to go regardless then, thanks for the response.
  8. 20s gear now

    I got a level 18 druid that had Legion 44 and Shattrath vendor epics on that is now obsolete, was farming Freehold solo for azerite, now that all that gear is obsolete (My HoA still seems to work) is the best gear to get the socketed BC dungeon gear?
  9. Popular bracket in Prepatch/SL?

    Hey, me and a friend are looking to twink in prepatch/SL and wanted to start setting up the characters now, which brackets are likely to be popular going into prepatch? We were thinking 110s but realised only time BGs are likely to pop is on Legion only accounts which neither of us have and...
  10. US First Ever Vet

    Best piece of advice I can give is stock up on enchants before you unsub
  11. EU+US Lockboxes Question

    tbh its mainly about bvb but ill take evocator's too tbh
  12. EU+US Lockboxes Question

    If I spam farm Stockades for lockboxes as a 120 Rogue then send to, lockpick and open them on my 20 will it change the level of the gear that drops to 20?
  13. EU av rep

    can i just say i rate the signature loool
  14. US Buying 20 rares/epics Kel'Thuzad Alliance

    Whats your btag to discuss?
  15. US Buying 20 rares/epics Kel'Thuzad Alliance

    Haven't decided what class I wanna play so lmk what you got, have 500k gold available
  16. EU [EU + US] LF 19s/20-29s guild

    I play on both EU and US, looking to come back to twinking on both, LF guild to chill with and get back into the swing of things, drop battle tags or add Unwhorable#2893