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  1. Dan

    The 19s Movie | Inspired by "That 19s Show"

    [Part 0.5] Deleted scenes
  2. Dan

    The 19s Movie | Inspired by "That 19s Show"

    Part 2 is out. Check the other thread
  3. Dan

    The Twink Movie [Part 2] | Inspired by "The Greatest Twink Video Ever"

    Series The Twink Movie [Part 1] [Part 2] This was made BY the 19 bracket, but it is made FOR everyone. And it was made with the purpose of promoting our community. So.. If you enjoyed this, please like the video, so we get an indication whether we...
  4. Dan

    The 19s Movie | Inspired by "That 19s Show"

    [Deleted scenes]:
  5. Dan

    19s Ladder & Wargame Thread

    The what The 19s community has an MMR system. All Guild v Guild (10v10) wargames get registered. People who compete in the premade scene, gain or lose rating, depending on their performance. The ladder can be viewed here. There are currently three main tabs. Leaderboards: an overview of...
  6. Dan


    VoD of this weeks wargame:
  7. Dan

    The Bias of this Website ft. Other Stuff Staff Do #freemvq

    Mvq's real name is Andreas. Andreas is from Denmark. In Denmark they speak Danish. 'Kys' means 'kiss' in Danish. Kiss is a; "touch with the lips as a sign of love, sexual desire, or greeting." - Mvq is a kind, heartwarming person filled with love and joy and sexual desire for twinks.
  8. Dan

    US The Nineteen Wargaming Scene; Activity and Growth

    ...Wargaming & Beyond By HB, Jill & Dan The Bigger Picture With the innordinate ammount of new players and guilds that have broken out into the 19 Twinking Scene in Legion, alongside our perennial cast of veteran pressence, the time has come to reinvent our means of communication to organize...
  9. Dan

    US Should the survival hunter ban be lifted?

    Lift all bans. Have the regular rules - max 2 of each class. Play the game. Then talk. Have the meta evolve on its own. - If something is too strong after enough samples - THEN you can tone it and adjust it as you'd like. Not prior to knowing. None of us know anything?! Including myself lol...
  10. Dan

    US The Twink Cup 2017 Updated

    I'll play.
  11. Dan

    US Excuses

    I'm GSC and I created the opposing team. Does that mean GSC won and this is a paradox?
  12. Dan

    US TC 2016; The Story

    TC 2016 - The Story After last years succes, I'd like to try making a tradition of giving Twink Cup reflection posts. I'll do my best to give my take on the journey till this point, clearing some air, revealing the masked criminals and giving a whole lotta shoutouts to all these massive and...
  13. Dan

    10-19 The 2016 Twink Cup Sign ups

    GSC: Justice Sign up sheet: Team Leader: Architect (Blueprint#2897) Team Representatives: HB, Saxx & Blueprint. Team Member 1: Archi Team Member 2: The Flash Team Member 3: Green Lantern Team Member 4: Hulk Team Member 5: Wolverine Team Member 6: Batman Team Member 7: Judas Team Member 8...
  14. Dan

    10-19 The 2016 Twink Cup Sign ups

    Sign up sheet: GSC: A-Team Team Leader - Blueprint#2897 Representative - Andreas & Oskar Sitter - Uno: Andreas Sitter - Dos: Oskar Sitter - Tres: Mike Sitter - Quatro: Andrea Sitter - Cinco: Adam Sitter - Seis: Matt Sitter - Siete: Robert Sitter - Ocho: Lane Sitter - Nueve: Kyler Sitter - Diez...
  15. Dan

    US Dêvmpresents LF a Target Caller!

    ye fancy ur shit, ur not even on a bench ur outside in the garbage bin
  16. Dan

    US 29 Premades

    ur shit fancy ill face u
  17. Dan

    US Devm - LF a TC Team + I apologize <3

    Can you guys stfu
  18. Dan

    US Exclusive one-time only; Dan's Premade Feedback!

    Hey ladies, Unplugged/Dan here, with permission I'd like to give a few notes and hopefully some motivation? This will be super tl;dr, so it is meant to be taken in bits, and this is merely from the games yesterday. But some of the clips I found were general things that the faster you improve on...
  19. Dan

    US Livingforce looking to go to US/CAD??!?!?

    You wanna come chill with me in the Caribbean?! :D :D :D