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  1. Vyvenem

    Achievement/Collections hunting at 20

    I did once. I highly recommend it! Warlock and Hunter are good choices for fully solo, once you're geared up, thanks to the pet. Hunter is probably the easier choice, but I'm biased towards it as that's what I played. Go for the Moonguard server. It's always crowded in the main cities so you...
  2. Vyvenem

    A Big Thank You To This Community! (And Probably Farewell)

    Hello! It's been many months since I've been to these forums, and many more months since I've logged in to play F2P WoW. My health could not keep up with actively playing as much as I did anymore, and so I basically quit playing ALL videogames for a good chunk of time. I came back for a bit to...
  3. Vyvenem

    Dungeonfinder just got a LOT cooler!

    Reminds me of the good old days when we had... more than 2 dungeons to queue for. Yay variety!
  4. Vyvenem

    Twitch Drops Revealed: Includes the TCG Fel Drake mount!

    I believe this is the first time WoW has ever done twitch drops so we will find out together!
  5. Vyvenem

    RIP Korrak's Revenge

    I made this post like 5 minutes after the event started as a kneejerk reaction lol, they had made zero statements at that time
  6. Vyvenem

    RIP Korrak's Revenge

    Tell me your secrets :( I logged out for an hour and came back to still being unable to join.
  7. Vyvenem

    RIP Korrak's Revenge

    Maybe I am overreacting. Did the option to join the battle appear in the journal ever? Solo Shuffle has the button but Korrak's doesn't.
  8. Vyvenem

    RIP Korrak's Revenge

    No more Timewarped Badge farming for us. We still have the trivia guy but that's only 5 a day, so... approximately 105 badges per year now unless there's another badge farm I don't know about. RIP
  9. Vyvenem

    Twitch Drops Revealed: Includes the TCG Fel Drake mount! I assume we'll be eligible for these as well. What a neat list of items to earn for free!
  10. Vyvenem

    F2P/Vet Picture Thread

    I bid farewell to Vyvenem in the Shadowlands and welcome Ryvaeon to Dragonflight!
  11. Vyvenem

    If you are still playing ... share your experience or thoughts with the 10-25 DF Prepatch...

    Dang, I'm just now learning you need a level 10 character to play a Demon Hunter or Death Knight. I had to level a throwaway character to 10 and SOIL my fresh account with the level 10 achievement on it... and then apparently I forgot to loot something so now the Postmaster is holding this...
  12. Vyvenem

    If you are still playing ... share your experience or thoughts with the 10-25 DF Prepatch...

    The talent trees are awesome. I played around with every class's talents. Playtesting each class with just the i28 greens from the panda vendor, I've learned that the class I originally chose to start over with in DF is not as fun as I hoped (I actually hate it) and the class I would've chosen...
  13. Vyvenem

    Talents Preview Discussion [w/ Calaculator Link]

    I know this thread is about to outlive its usefulness but I just wanted to mention that Druids now have Barkskin listed as a level 10 ability down from 24, meaning all those talents related to it are now useful. Warlocks, however, still have Soul Leech at 24 :/ Let's hope that changes too.
  14. Vyvenem

    Dragonflight Prepatch Launches October 25th!

    WE'VE GOT A DATE! :D ALSO: Here are the full prepatch notes.
  15. Vyvenem

    Dragonflight Stat Squish

    I won't spoil that until prepatch day, but I'll give you a hint: it's a class with no pets/summons from skills I actually think it'd be more fun switching to BM over staying MM if I kept my hunter. MM didn't keep any of their old talents and most of their new talents are just passives I had by...
  16. Vyvenem

    Dragonflight Stat Squish

    Not gonna lie, this prospect of dungeon gear grinding actually has me hyped for making a new character (I love soloing dungeons). And I finally decided which class I'm playing this time around.
  17. Vyvenem

    Dragonflight Stat Squish

    I love the gear changes. I don't hate overscaled GF'd gear, but I also don't want it to exist. I'm interested in how gear scaling will work in our current PvP situation (poorly I assume). Finally, my time to shine! But I still can't decide what class to play... They REALLY need to tell us if...
  18. Vyvenem

    Talents Preview Discussion [w/ Calaculator Link]

    New update came in for talent trees just now. I haven't combed through much of it but the main thing I noticed was priests lost Shadow Mend and associated talents :(
  19. Vyvenem

    Bored? show your achivment points!

    I haven't logged in to my hunter in a loooong time but I made him on Shadowlands prepatch day on a brand new account and he ended at 8775 achievements doing everything completely solo F2P (no help from subbed players, solo queue for PvP stuff). I won't be going any further with him but I do plan...