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  1. How to solo as Warlock 20's ?

    Did you use the Earth Song Falls portal?
  2. How to solo as Warlock 20's ?

    They're all solo-able. and are the quickest i.e. not much trash before the boss. The other two take longer but not too bad.
  3. How to solo as Warlock 20's ?

    I would get some (fairly) easy level 87 gear from classic dungeons:,, and...
  4. ilvl 61 starter gear from BfA rares

    Thank you... I'll add a comment to agility daggers
  5. ilvl 61 starter gear from BfA rares

    I had the same thing a couple of months ago and added a comment. I should probably remove the item

    At some point someone will point out that I was using 2 x Dragon's Call in that video, and the dragon whelps might be absorbing Hexes so I went back with 2 x Gutwrench Goreaxe (warforged) and a Ghost Iron Dragonling to see how that went. I got the Hex at around 20% but didn't get transformed...

    It's in the description... use line-of-sight when he casts Flamestrike to avoid the curse that follows. He can also cast Hex before "Join Us!" but you can't avoid that hence you need some luck. You might also want to look at Dragynslayer's guide...

    Jammal'an is soloable without pets, ooze etc; just practice and luck
  9. What did you loot today?=)

    The Talador Outpost quest line is good for garrison resources Also, I build a War Mill (Dwarven Bunker) as I assume that increases the chance of upgrades from dungeon dailies
  10. ilvl 61 starter gear from BfA rares

    Thank you. I just killed it and got the same thing so I'll remove that one
  11. ilvl 61 starter gear from BfA rares

    I got rid of all the items that were part of a set thinking those mobs weren't always up but it looks like that was a mistake
  12. ilvl 61 starter gear from BfA rares

    I like to use the level 61 drops from BfA rares to gear new characters. There are, however, lots of them, so getting information from Wowhead is painful. I've attempted to make a web page that filters the drops by zone, type etc and returns a list of waypoints. These drops fill all but neck...
  13. List of Quests That Can Proc Epic (ilvl 87) It's from the rare
  14. Updated F2P Guide?

    You can craft epics with tailoring e.g.
  15. Updated F2P Guide?

    Not forgetting the level 87 classic dungeon epics that can be soloed e.g.
  16. Updated F2P Guide?

    Are F2Ps able to learn the Accord of... enchants?
  17. New to Twinking... 20 Vet WW Monk

    The level 61 gear from BfA rares is one way to get ready to start soloing WoD dungeons
  18. How long does It take to fully gear a warforged 20s twink?

    I find if you kill the caster last (I forget the name), you'll get loot
  19. Enchanting and you, a brief summery.

    For vanilla enchanting you could add Krom'gar rep items for (Light) Eternal Essence and (Light) Illusion Dust (Horde only?). You only need to do the opening few quests in Stonetalon Mountains to buy the boots.
  20. f2p/vet enchant restrictions

    I know you specifically asked about applying, as opposed to learning, but I don't think F2P can learn Binding of... ring enchants (I'm not 100% sure on that though).