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  1. Warlockhomes

    Elite dungeon npc health by level

    perfect thanks :) and @Emelia for the work :P
  2. Warlockhomes

    Elite dungeon npc health by level

    Just out of curiosity has anyone marked down the HP on mobs per level. to show just how much HP they are gaining per level you gain. i know various mobs within the dungeon have different amounts of HP, but just in general, like when you walk into a dungeon , first mob you see, level 10-20 and...
  3. Warlockhomes

    Is this just a UI bug with the Dungeon journal?

    So if I do Antorus on my lv70 Paladin, the Ilvl rewards drop at 163 from Mythic but if im on my lv58 Chromie Time paladin, the Mythic Antorus loot is showing as a huuuuuage 220 ilvl? Any1 else noticed this? and i assume testing it would be hard, as you basically need lots of players in Chromie...
  4. Warlockhomes

    So is 58/59 not the logical choice

    How exactly does Chromie time + Warmode work together folks? If i make a lv58 and keep it perma in Chromie time, if I then enable Warmode, am i kept seperate from lv70s? as they arent on the Chromie time mirror/shard/servers whatever you wana call them. Would this give me full reign to cause...
  5. Warlockhomes

    Literally nothing?

    well shit.... didnt even know about not being able to turn it off past 60
  6. Warlockhomes

    Literally nothing?

    is 61-69s Dragonflight twinkage just Dead on Arrival? nothing here at all, cant find anything on Youtube.
  7. Warlockhomes

    quick question on inscription shoulder enchants

    Do you need to keep Inscription profession? once its been applied to the shoulders? various other tooltips, like Leatherworking etc i believe, it says you need to maintain something like 400 LW for it to be active, but i dont see this on the Inscription shoulder enchants. Wondering if its...
  8. Warlockhomes

    Northrend Engineering

    Guna post it here, because i think 19s is one of the most active brackets. im not sure if this was a thing or not but my brain is telling me we used to be able to get Northrend Engineering on low level twinks. is that a thing? or was it after the whole everything scales in retail?
  9. Warlockhomes

    EU Fresh Wotlk Guilds?

    Hey All I am looking to play fresh wrath server on launch, i dont have much interest in the raiding side of it, but will be looking to make 59 69 79s just for the fun. Any1 know if the Xpoff community is looking to set up any guilds on the fresh servers for like minded peeps? thanks!
  10. Warlockhomes

    Farming Friends! (F2P/Vet tags)

    Ceri#21521 [Vet] [A] [BG] [D] Only just made my 2 twinks i got Pally and Mage but need to finish off the last few pieces. Looking for people after items and then potential mess abouts in Bgs :)
  11. Warlockhomes

    Covenant Campaigns

    Hi All So not sure if people are aware of this i cannot see anything being posted on it, but i have been reading over some of the more recent posts about the grinds but they are still a few months old now. I want to know if anyone has actually managed to do any of the Covenant campaigns if...
  12. Warlockhomes

    Question on Bgs

    Hi Folks I am bored as hell, i am tempted to play TBC and make a 69 twink, quick question though. Can you still lock experience in TBC Classic? Do you gain experience in BGs? If you can lock xp are the queues separate like retail?
  13. Warlockhomes

    BG Queueing on Free Trial accounts

    bah! annoying, i thought it might be the case i tried my DK and had same issues but i thought i had that toon unlocked. oh well thanks for the quick response.
  14. Warlockhomes

    BG Queueing on Free Trial accounts

    So maybe im being a moron here, but i thought you could play BGs on a F2P account? i made some lv20s i was guna have some fun on but when i try to queue to BG now it says Free Trials cannot perform this action? I paid the account for 30 days and let it expire. Any1 know where i messed up?
  15. Warlockhomes

    49s with insane HP

    Suppose, allows more customisation of your choice, depending on your spec.
  16. Warlockhomes

    49s with insane HP

    ok this is really weird. So my 49 Prot Pally is in crap gear (ilvl54.87) its like Heirlooms and greens/blues and its got 12240 HP But my 45 better geared Prot warrior (ilvl 58.43) is 9k.... So you think for the smaller slots, SoO Mythic ilvl47 using Str/stam gems are better than the ilvl60...
  17. Warlockhomes

    49s with insane HP

    Can you link your 49?
  18. Warlockhomes

    49s with insane HP

    Hi Guys I was in a BG last night just casually leveling my hunter to 50 ready for SL and me and my mate noticed some folks running around with 13k HP. vs my hunters 8k hp, so we assumed it must be a tank. Then i switched over to my lv45 fury warrior i set up, which has azerites etc and full...
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    Shadowlands info compilation

    #sadtimes.... ilvl14 ewww
  20. Warlockhomes

    Shadowlands info compilation

    Sorry if this has been mentioned elsewhere ive tried reading around but i cannot find it. Can you trigger the quest still to get the HoA? even if you cant wear it? and If that does work, when finishing the zones for the rewards, are they still azerite? or normal gear now? if you cant get the...