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  1. Sarmlery

    Best class for PVP and also PVP for level 20's?

    That's a bit of a stretch.
  2. Sarmlery

    What are old school 20s players doing nowadays?

    Rainbow six siege and all cod nazi zombies for me
  3. Sarmlery

    My Hardcore F2P Account Journey

    You can take me off. I didn't die, but my computer did :(
  4. Sarmlery

    My Hardcore F2P Account Journey

    time to join.
  5. Sarmlery

    My Hardcore F2P Account Journey

    People are just trying to find new ways to have fun while playing F2P. Where's the harm in it?
  6. Sarmlery

    Linked f2p bank xp?

    I was unsure, said no. Turns out it does. My b
  7. Sarmlery

    Linked f2p bank xp?

  8. Sarmlery


    Rogue damage might not be the greatest but it could still put in work if played right. Odin and Dizzen both performed very well on the class, when it was lacking alot.
  9. Sarmlery

    Is there a list of 20's content creators?

    Cignus also has some great content!
  10. Sarmlery

    Are F2P Tanks still able to solo dungeons?

    I don't know if this is worth mentioning but for haste. I wouldn't go above 20%, 15-20% is perfect for Rune regen imo.
  11. Sarmlery


    I drive a clapped out Kia Magnetis. Bumper is held by zip ties.Driver Window motor delete ( weight reduction KEK)
  12. Sarmlery

    My Hardcore F2P Account Journey

    I dont know if anyone has pointed this out. If you don't have a slow fall ability, and would maybe like one. Can always buy noggen floggers for the slow fall effect off the consume (1/3 chance). I think it lasts, for like 14 seconds
  13. Sarmlery

    Hardcore Poll, please vote

    DK (Bias)
  14. Sarmlery

    Seething Shore in other brackets?

    I just type /afk when I get shores.
  15. Sarmlery

    Is Unholy viable at all?

    Pretty sure the health regen doesn't apply to DK, and warr. Only pally but I could be wrong.
  16. Sarmlery

    Is Unholy viable at all?

    Idk how it is PVE. Can be super strong in PvP if played correctly. Here's a guide if you want more information. Cheers
  17. Sarmlery

    Level 20 monk solo dungeons Help needed

    Wheres @icehawk , he would be the guy to ask about soloing on a Blood DK
  18. Sarmlery

    Suspended or banned?!

    One perma banns. One for botting. Two 24 hour bans and 2, week chat restrictions for being a toxic Boi.
  19. Sarmlery

    Social ethics in MMOs?

    Don't have to sabotage the acc. Just not play on it for a whole season and have the rank reset. I'm curious as to why you have over 100 accounts though.