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  1. Life
    I’m hyped! “Vibrating with anticipation”
    May 18, 2022
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  2. Chops
    very worried about being in this one. you absolutely embarrassed my... lock? shaman? cant really remember lol
    May 18, 2022
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  3. Bop
    If you have tasteful background music, I just want you to know that I'm going to mute your video and put on something incredibly loud and ill-fitting in the background. Maybe a dubstep remix of Radioactive or goblin death metal.
    May 18, 2022
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  4. Visual
    Looking for a 2nd song atm it probably will be some type of metal/hard rock. First song will be a rap song @Bop
    May 18, 2022
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  5. CigNus
    He did the same to me the other day @Chops double shadowstep juke... I wasn't even mad. impressed even.
    May 19, 2022
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