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Apr 20, 2019 at 4:37 PM
Feb 5, 2015
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Elwynn Forrest

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Famous WoW Personality, from Elwynn Forrest

jwl was last seen:
Viewing thread Level 20 Vet shaman, Apr 20, 2019 at 4:37 PM
    1. jwl
      @Voc you're infamous for /AFKing battlegrounds lol. If you're gonna steal me gimmick at least be good at it
    2. jwl
      @Voc remember when you were self proclaimed r1 druid and I cropped you the day I returned? Dont think I forgot all those deserter's I gave u
    3. jwl
      Shake my head @ u haters. let my dandruff do the talkin
    4. jwl
      sorry strawberry, im just r1
      1. Sketchbag likes this.
      2. Tweakedirl
        jwl clearly get his confidence from that slick haircut visible in the profile pic, pussy on tap
        Jan 17, 2019
      3. jwl
        That picture is from last year, after I went to a black barbershop for the first time.
        Jan 17, 2019
    5. jwl
      My opinion is more credible than anyone else's on this website combined. get lost dork
    6. jwl
      If you aren't queueing specific WSG, then idk what 2 tell u.
      1. Sketchbag and Taki like this.
    7. jwl
      Trading my 40,000 gold on MG for your 40,000 gold elsewhere. Must be on alliance. Transaction will be streamed. PST
    8. jwl
      Trade-Glitch & Powerleveling services (15-60) available to US players. PM me for more information!
    9. jwl
      Because he produces quality 39 tink mage content.
      1. ohti likes this.
    10. jwl
      Jwl identifies as neutral. I have no reproductive organs. Dont assume my gender, and use the appropriate terms. "she" really aggravates me.
    11. jwl
      JWL = Jacelyn Whitley. Larkins. Its my name. Stop asking me what it stands for. (Create your own acronym for Jwl here!)
    12. jwl
      Jwl#11489 on PTR. Someone come test with me
    13. jwl
      Is it possible to leave the DH zone before hitting 101 now?
      1. Tom Ganks
        Tom Ganks
        probably. I could leave at lvl 99 and lock xp before legion was over on horde side. Trick is to only tag mobs you have to kill after someone else tags. I believe that splits the exp. Another trick is to only complete quests u have to complete. And finally don't pick up treasures. Maybe the only treasure to pick up is https://www.wowhead.com/item=129192/inquisitors-menacing-eye
        Jan 9, 2019
      2. jwl
        @Roboartist idk...When I was rerolling my 100 twink DH, I had to delete/reroll twice because I over leveled before leaving the zone. This was before the XP buff too, & I used no BOAs
        Jan 9, 2019
    14. jwl
      I got sent home from school for having Head lice. Anyone want to queue WSG?
      1. Pandora, Sketchbag and Blaasphemy like this.
      2. Rusks
        dont q with jwl or youll get lice too
        Jan 8, 2019
        Sketchbag likes this.
    15. jwl
      Queueing 39 WSG specific. See yall there :)
    16. jwl
      I got got involved w ur bracket, dont make me farm u dork.
    17. jwl
      Everyone understands & acknowledges that Jwl is the greatest twink player of all time. That's why everyone comes at me. They want the clout.
    18. jwl
      I finally got both of my bindings for Thunderfury!
    19. jwl
      Everyone is overreacting, acting like Scythe is complete garbage now. Still a more than viable weapon...
    20. jwl
      2019 Confession #1: I prefer to date woman with dandruff. I like when their flakes rain on me during intercourse.
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    Elwynn Forrest


    Battle.net BattleTag:
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    PlayStation Network:


    "I am renowned as a humble, cordial individual.
    I understand why players may be afraid of queueing into me, but there truly is no reason as to why they should be discouraged. After all, I am just a fellow Earthling.
    With that said, I do not appreciate you boasting the fact I am the alpha-male of the twink community.

    On the contrary, I do see where you are coming from;
    Armor durability has gone red.
    Resurrection sickness has become a common thing among my opponents.
    Deserter debuffs, warlocks life-tapping themselves to death, before I have the opportunity to destroy them with my battlehammer…

    Is this what the community needs? I cant be held responsible for creating a bracket, then destroying it.
    I refuse to be held responsible."

    - Jwl, 2019

    Fastest dispels in twinking.
    Best TC in twinking.
    Juke lord.
    FC god.
    Professional camgirl.

    Twink Count: 86
    16-1 vs. Sanit
    Playing every bracket, both factions. #1 Twink Player World, lets argue.
    Jwl#11489 & Jwl#11487
    *** https://www.twitch.tv/jwl1996 ***

    Im famous. If you want an autograph, hand over your guild charter.