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Apr 20, 2019 at 5:03 PM
Feb 5, 2015
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Elwynn Forrest

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Famous WoW Personality, from Elwynn Forrest

jwl was last seen:
Viewing articles index, Apr 20, 2019 at 5:03 PM
    1. jwl
      @Hashbrowns it depends on bracket. crate Staffs are level 40+ I believe. 1h/OH are BIS anyways.
    2. ÅnxietyK
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    3. jwl
      I thought she liked me...For the first time in my life I had a girl that seemed interested, but she only wanted my twitch followers :(
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    4. jwl
      If fall-damage shown in BGs, FC god Jwl would always be top damage.
    5. jwl
      Thank you all for supporting my stream and helping my channel grow. Its always been a dream of mine to be a popular content creator.
    6. jwl
      I literally feel like the most popular kid in school all over again.
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    7. jwl
      I honestly wish they'd just update the graphics of current WSG. I dont see as much potential with the reboot as I'd like. AB looks cool tho
    8. jwl
      I'll inform my twitch viewers.
    9. jwl
      Spending my Valentines day with a vacuum cleaner & a bottle of glue.
    10. jwl
      How is 20-29 on EU?
      1. ohti
        in my experience literally more twinks that levelers lmao
        Feb 14, 2019
      2. jwl
        @ohti so basically I should make my next FTP on EU?
        Feb 15, 2019
      3. ohti
        yeah that shits a blast if you like more twink v twink games. I play on there pure f2p. although sometimes it can be kinda aids when theres a full 29made on horde just gy farming you but like nothing different from NA you know what to expect
        Feb 15, 2019
    11. jwl
      Snipe me in 39 WSG about to solo Q
    12. jwl
      WTB everyone rerolling trial 110s for 10v10 WSG wargames.
    13. jwl
      Asmongold has done more for twinking than about 95% of you. Sad truths
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      2. xanx
        what have u done?
        Feb 11, 2019
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      3. jwl
        Funded damn near a thousand twinks, hosted all 70 raids, all 80 raids, organized wargames, promoted twinking, put the 59 bracket on the map. Helped countless people gear their characters up. Given out tons of reliable information w sources, made guides, hosted tourneys with insane giveaways.. I could go on and on
        Feb 11, 2019
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      4. ohti
        the only thing asmongold rly did was show 30k wow players (which probably already were well aware of what twinking was) what twinking was
        Feb 11, 2019
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    14. jwl
      Told my barber to get me lookin like Lisa Simpson w a fade. And HE DELIVERED
    15. jwl
      @Allybeboba Or I could just be a professional streetball entertainer since Im already talented AF
    16. jwl
      I refuse to get a job...My dad wont support this, but who wants to purchase my premium snapchat? I need to pay for my own WOW Sub...
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    17. jwl
      If you want recognition as the rank 1 twink, you've got to have "Jwl" in ur name and entertain hundreds of viewers at the same time
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    18. jwl
      U talkin ice cream?
    19. jwl
      @xans I can guarantee that I am not only the best player to ever give Behsten 10 gold, but I am certain that I am the most attractive one 2
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    20. jwl
      You're like 16 years old & look like a Hogwarts Wizard somehow. Go back to begging me for arena pilots dork
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    Elwynn Forrest


    Battle.net BattleTag:
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    PlayStation Network:


    "I am renowned as a humble, cordial individual.
    I understand why players may be afraid of queueing into me, but there truly is no reason as to why they should be discouraged. After all, I am just a fellow Earthling.
    With that said, I do not appreciate you boasting the fact I am the alpha-male of the twink community.

    On the contrary, I do see where you are coming from;
    Armor durability has gone red.
    Resurrection sickness has become a common thing among my opponents.
    Deserter debuffs, warlocks life-tapping themselves to death, before I have the opportunity to destroy them with my battlehammer…

    Is this what the community needs? I cant be held responsible for creating a bracket, then destroying it.
    I refuse to be held responsible."

    - Jwl, 2019

    Fastest dispels in twinking.
    Best TC in twinking.
    Juke lord.
    FC god.
    Professional camgirl.

    Twink Count: 86
    16-1 vs. Sanit
    Playing every bracket, both factions. #1 Twink Player World, lets argue.
    Jwl#11489 & Jwl#11487
    *** https://www.twitch.tv/jwl1996 ***

    Im famous. If you want an autograph, hand over your guild charter.