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  • Kinda pissed about my 45s weapons dropping from ilvl 79 to 50 (never got the +20 proc forthe 3rd) :/
    My 60s got dropped to ilvl 58 and my 45 was dropped to ilvl 50. I only did the glitch on one 20. So was it just a nerf for those that did?
    After they screwed the legion weapons i thought it was for everyone. But i say a 45 hunter with his ilvl 70 still.
    but still if you don;t know me then why start your bullshit with me only proving my point of how this site has become over the years
    I might not twink anymore but you're still nothing to me, don't get it twisted bud...
    Looks like you guys are a fan of mine since i told you who i was. Don't get shit wrong dude.
    @Chops trust me i know. Iv ran against you solo for years and beat you but thanks for telling everyone for me so i don;t look like a fool.
    @Chops Sorry for my loss? while i'm on a lvling lvl 15 vs twinks glitched in and or 60 hunters or druids and shit? Yea gg fucker
    Damn guess i pissed off some twinks since i see known names scaled now...
    Sad thing is. I was only leveling and noticed the bullshit. But grats on scaled premade wins. Shows all your skills for real no lie.
    But goddamn i'm kinda glad i quit cause most of you are straight trash. Nixzy btw
    I no longer twink but i know shit cause i like to try and keep mine up to date in new xpacs or patches.
    Needs to grow some balls or get a life.... Especially the ones on alli quing 60 hunters and 20 twink hunters
    Whoever the little bitch ali that seem to think they need to run 10-19s as a group
    What's the main focused twinks these days? My 10 lvl'd cause of a fuck up and now 19 but thought go to 20 for warmode. Nothing to do at 19
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