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  • @jwl Just like you learned from Painaid and Darkchewie
    I’ll try to watch when I’m home. Tbh dark was ahead of his time. He paved the way for people like me and now a lot of us have surpassed him
    Was awesome playing my first wsg against him a month ago though. Was like when obi wan fought anakin
    It's the same with painaid, Painaid started doing all the terrain jumps basically that we do now on classic back in like early tbc, he's been at it for a while, though he quit near end of wotlk, he plays classic a little but not much
    and while yes 39s and 19s 2 different brackets, the players from 39s that trolled Asmongold were mostly players from 19s originally
    him out of the bracket, and considering most people on here still act like they're in middle school, same thing will happen with swifty
    Look at Asmongold in BFA, we had the chance to make 39s a huge bracket when Asmongold came aka big streamer, instead most of xpoff trolled
    Well the only problem with that is that 19s is still one of the most toxic communtiies
    @Voc Okay I lost, gg, anything else you want? Like I don't get you dude, like what're you gloating about, you beat us, congratulations
    @Voc I also didn't know that an arms warrior, a party sync'd rogue, a f2p druid and an undergeared mw was considered a "premade"
    Are you trying to boost your ego in a non-competitive bracket? How'd those wargames go, as far as I know they lasted 2 weeks then died
    I don't understand people in this bracket, like what point are you trying to make forming a 5 man fotm premade into a bunch of drunk players
    @Voc it doesn't matter if it was "right time" the fact that your toons name is Lfwargames and then you use speedpots is comical
    Don't you love when people make 9 different WTS threads, when they could just list all of their items they want to sell under one post?
    @zazzyfraz That's not bad to be honest, between 3 druids i have about 800 bg's played and havent gotten a single blue adaptable, just green
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