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    EU+US Let's make paladins great again!

    Make pallys great again? You've always been great c:
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    EU+US Gon and Lost Spectral Gryphon

    Congrats ^_^
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    US Lv 20 WSG 10v10 Saturday

    For a moment I was confused because I thought you were planning for August hehe ^_^ I can play both factions as a warrior (just can't remember the names lol). Can do horde hunter+mage, alliance priest. Horde hunter: Horde mage...
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    US Why does <Stuck at Graveyard> lose so much?

    Whenever I queue with my friends who are in that guild(admittedly it isn't as often anymore) I, for one, feel like we win a lot. And when we lose none of us take it personally enough to make a thread about it, we try to reflect on it. :x
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    US 3v3 29 Wargames

    I'd love to join
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    EU+US Memories

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    US Level 20 10v10 - Dec. 11th (Cancelled)

    I can play alliance disc again(nachodad@drak'thul) or horde rsham(chowdah@blackwing lair)
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    US Level 20 10v10 - Nov. 27th (Date Change)

    I can also play: Horde hunter Horde mage Horde shaman
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    US Level 20 wsg premades 10v10

    Resto shaman, horde mw monk, horde all specs hunter, horde frost/arcane mage, horde HORDEHORDEHORDE :P
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    EU+US Screenshot Thread

    20-29 wsg 367k heals :*
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    US 10v10 Wargame sign-up for Saturday,December 19th, 2015!

    My friend would like to sign up for horde healer :) Mikeytot @ Ner'zhul - Community - World of Warcraft He can also play alli warrior On a side note where is all the alli?!
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    US 10v10 Wargame sign-up for Saturday,December 19th, 2015!

    Put me down for alli ww monk. :) Patdaddy @ Drak'thul - Community - World of Warcraft
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    Hardest Hits Dealt

    Why you gotta hurt me like that? :(
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    20 - 29 Btag's

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    Best of 29s

    Warrior: Spewfeel Rogue: Xc Druid: Foreward, Snug Paladin: Drinker, Trialkiller/ Zelpher Hunter: Nocontest Mage: Magicbob Monk: ????? Shaman: Doobiepls Priest: Gwendalyn, Robby Warlock: Cigarette