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  1. Tekno
  2. Holythane
    @Ferib servers like kazzak,doomhammer, the sha tar, aszune, have 300-1500 items only want to sell in bulk though
    1. Ferib
      i play doomhammer, show me what u got :0 (EU)
      May 25, 2017 at 10:00 AM
  3. Bubbie
  4. Zatox
    finally hit exalted with the defilers on my 20 priest. only been working on that since cata >_>
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  5. Onlydreams
    Quiz: how many times has our site owner @Arkte changed avatar in the past 2 weeks? A: 100 times B: 200 times C: 300 times
  6. Fael
    hello need friends to qp on owatch Fael#1823
  7. Ferib
  8. Holythane
    Anyone want a lot of tmog/rare items for cheap my sub is gonna run out and dont think im gonna re sub
  9. Wallflower
    WTB elysium twink account, prefer rogue/hunter
  10. Delayed
  11. Ferib
    Just recived a second ember (today), wich gives the 500 badges quest... cheers ^^
  12. Tenin
    @Voc you can put diamonds on a pile of shit, at the end of the day its still a steaming pile of shit.
  13. Conq
  14. AyaMG
  15. Aspróósz
    Aspróósz Conq
    Yo what is your Btag?
  16. Voc
    Many have talked but there is yet to be a greater me
  17. Voc
    @Tenin wot m8 100% you are not on my level I'm a living legend you will not try to prove me wrong and that's facts
  18. Conq
    Conq Bye
    If you want to get started ASAP, get your teams, then put out an open challenge on the forums, a few teams will probably take you up on it. It's best if games are streamed and/or spectated as well.
  19. Tenin
    @Voc even if you had an OP pet youd still be garbage <3
  20. Conq
    Conq Bye
    Basically 6/8 teams are being invited this year, which will be based off the performance of their team in 10v10s prior to the TC, there will be an event prior to the TC to determine which teams get the last two spots.