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The Premade Handbook (Guide)
By Dan (Vanillamilk/Blueprint)

Job descriptions of the Individual

Before you adventure yourself out in testing your strength in the premades, it's important to have in mind, that this is all about teamplay. This is where you're obligated to excell as a team in order to win the battle. You are with your team, and with your team you will fight.

In order to succeed as a team, EVERY single player/class has their own job description.
If everyone furfills their job in the group, you will have succeeded as a team.
Everyone plays different, and has their own flair to their playstyle - but in order to master yourself as a player, it's important to know what your job withholds.

  • FC's
  • Brewmaster (Monk)
  • Guardian (Druid)
  • Protection (Paladin)
  • Protection (Warrior)

  • Dps
  • Arcane (Mage)
  • Frost (Mage)
  • Balance/Boomkin (Druid)
  • Feral/Guardian (Druid)
  • Elemental (Shaman)
  • Destruction...