EU+US Did the Warforged gear dropped last week, or it just began dropping now?

Discussion in 'Free to Play' started by Dabow, Aug 17, 2016.

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    Since i only started to get it now... And what is the "Titanforged" gear some people are mentioning in the forum?
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    There are now 3 types of gear you can get drom invasions. For all explanations they will be referred to as Basic, Warforged (WF) and Titanforged (TF). I will give the example at level 19s. Basic is ilvl 24. Warforged is also ilvl 24. Titanforged is ilvl 34. Titanforged has the tooltip saying warforged currently but for many reasons should be referred to as titanforged. Getting the TF gear is much less likely than the other 3 and it will be BiS for almost every slot, and will be GF'd after legion. The WF and TF gear was adding in a hotfix on sunday. Good luck.