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Aug 9, 1982 (Age: 34)
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Stay at home dad =D for now, was a staff supervior


King of Illiterature, 34, from Australia

@Flaxy, That's because you haven't watched HighSchool DxD..... =D Nov 8, 2016

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Jan 16, 2017 at 7:15 AM
    1. spewfeel
      @Flaxy, That's because you haven't watched HighSchool DxD..... =D
    2. spewfeel
      What is the Gnome run? where and when?
    3. spewfeel
    4. spewfeel
      @farnk, Gratz on the title bud :)
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    5. spewfeel
      Sounds like the Spider jar trick. How does one acquire these Blights :)
    6. spewfeel
      What does this Blight thing do?
    7. spewfeel
      Might see ya tomorrow sleekly leek :)
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    Aug 9, 1982 (Age: 34)
    Home Page:
    Stay at home dad =D for now, was a staff supervior

    Have enrolled for university next year to study, Business & bachelor of information and communication technology, aka a computer nerd :)

    Met so many cool and interesting people during my time here, and want to thank everyone that made it such a fun experience :)

    Spewfèél =D

    Was Born and Raised in Tasmania, small state in Australia, have never left, but do wish to travel with my partner when we are older =D

    If I stand on my house roof I can see the beach :)

    my nick name is Punk or Jezza, but mainly punk. Use to have my eyebrow and ears pierced and when I had more hair it was always bleached long =D

    My girl friends family are from the country so when first meeting me they named me punk, whats funny is her family also had a nickname for her, which was Pie, if you ask ill tell what it means =D, so they call us Punk N pie =X

    Gaming started young for me, was 6 when I was given an Atari (some might need to google that =D) All time favourite games,

    *Diddy kong jr (atari) that game was hard and brutal never finished it.
    *Wolfenstein was my first fps, will never forget =D
    *Tomb raider! no wasnt in it for the boobs, ok maybe was, hey! I was 14 =D the puzzles in that game where a brain drain!
    *Resident evil 1, play that game in the dark for the first time!
    *Abes oddysee (ps1) yes farting in a video game never got old!!
    *The need for speed the first 3, that game in co-op was epic fun with npc police chases, road spikes all while racing against your mates in the same room =D
    *Finalfantasy 7,8,9 and 10 only ones I've played loved all 4 off them, epic stories a must play!
    I could go on and.....well yeah

    I'm also into anime some favourites are

    All of studio ghibli
    Cowboy bebop
    ninja scroll
    perfect blue
    lol even dragonballz to an extent

    Loved the movie mad max 2, thats where my love for old cars comes from,

    I have a 1973 Ford Falcon XB 2 door coupe <---cats name =D its a W.I.P that needs restoring.

    Love pets, have 2 dogs harry and bella and a kitty cat called Coupe

    pretty much an outdoor person, though I do love to binge on video games =D

    Have a partner of 13 yrs and a almost 2yr old son =D

    And Yes I like my girls Curvey :)

    Wanna add me? My real-id is: spewfeel#1404

    Or I'll see you in the Glutch! :)

    P.s Don't forget to /wave :)

    My Soulmate <3, My son Kurt <3, Gaming, drinking, gym, listening to music, learning to play Music.


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