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  1. snug
    why is devm on my frontpage
  2. Voc
  3. Sketchbag
  4. Cds
  5. Naxxramaskid
    Anybody want to gift me $2 in balance? That would save me 100k or a token (server transfer)
  6. Conq
    I've recently removed a thread until what it claims can be confirmed and the method protected, should be all set once I've spoken with OP.
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    2. Vince Vancleef
      Vince Vancleef
      Confirmation was stated in thread I believe, it was best to be removed however, as the secret should be just that, a secret.
      Mar 27, 2017 at 7:07 PM
  7. Fael
    Ok what about something more advanced... a backstab macro where it equips a dagger if no dagger, sin. strike macro equip sword if no sword
  8. Powerlol
    /equipslot 16 assasin's blade
  9. Powerlol
    @Fael /equipslot 16 shadowfang
  10. Fael
    LF macro that basically swaps Shadowfang with assasin's blade with one button. Main hand.
  11. Allybeboba
    Had a few couple hour long twink 10v10 WSGs on Elysium this weekend. Back and for battles!
  12. Wallflower
    alright GM's cant/wont let you change your ap weapon, which is really sad and ugly, has anyone tips to get them to do it?
  13. Wallflower
    Would it be possible to convince a GM to 'refund' your artifact weapon?
  14. Fx
    @KingLich Dedicated Few on Argent Dawn Alliance is a new-ish lvl80 guild.
  15. Onlydreams
    Onlydreams KingLich
    Ante Amanthe is still going strong on argent dawn (70 alliance)
  16. Cashmoneyx
    When does S2 end so I know how long I have to grind r1 thx
  17. KingLich
    Any 60-70-80 or so twink guilds on EU? I think twinking is pretty much dead right now :(
  18. Swampdonkie
    Swampdonkie Mkreturns
    Hey MK, What addons do you use? Especially, the one that identifies healers on the HP frames above enemy toons? Actually, after watching more of your vids, I'm not sure it identifies healers. It's marking targets with 3 spikes in the shape of a crown on both sides of the enemy frame. What is that?
    1. Sponsor
      Healers Have To Die (HHTD) I believe.
      Mar 27, 2017 at 3:02 PM
  19. Petermage
    What happened to my wizard, I changed his name and he lost the ranking?
  20. joey