Donation Campaigns

  1. The Twink Cup

    The Annual Twink Cup
    $2,068.00 USD
    Yearly Goal:
    $9,999.00 USD (3 months remaining)
  2. Cataclysm Private Server

    The server will be run on Cataclysm 4.3.4. We currently have one of the best emulator developers on our Development team, his name is Jameyboor. He is the key reason for this fundraiser. He isn't cheap. And he can make anything happen on a Private Server. I've made him create the WoD Stack system work on a 3.3.5a server, Cata+ Transmog work on a 3.3.5a server with a UI that looks identical to the wardrobe and 5v5 RBGs to function perfectly on a 3.3.5a server aswell. The Features that will be available on the server on Launch are as follows: - Pugs completely remade to function as a SoloQ / DuoQ for RBG. MMR will function aswell in Pugs. - Class limits in Pugs, similar to the Twink Cup rules. - Charge, Pet and Fear pathing in WSG will function correctly. - Full BiS non-GF'd Gear will be available for free - GF'd gear will be available at a rating of 1900 in RBG aka Pugs. - Hero of the Alliance / Hero of the Horde will be awarded to the top 0.5% on the RBG ladder. - 10v10 Tournaments will be hosted at the end of each season. - Each season there will be an exclusive mount available at 2200 rating which will be purely cosmetic with a movement speed the same as Riding Turtle. It will only be available for 1 season, so once the season is over the mount will be GF'd. - Arenas are only available through Wargames. This will allow the server to be a Competitive BG server instead of an unoriginal 2v2 Twink Server on Wrath. - Any and all bugs are fixable which means with Jameyboor they WILL be fixed. - Jumping out of the Map and what not in WSG will be made impossible. Thank you for showing interest in this Server.
    $705.00 USD
    Yearly Goal:
    $500.00 USD (12 months remaining)
  3. Support

    Help pay hosting fees and the building of new website features.
    $0.00 USD
    Monthly Goal:
    $45.00 USD (12 days remaining)